O Cedar ProMist Review

I hate washing my floors, getting out the pail and mop, filling the pail, washing the floors, then waiting for them to dry cause the mop always leaves them too wet. I normally use a rag mop because i find sponge mops tend to streak my hardwood floors and it’s near impossible to not get them too wet. I bought a steam mop and while I love it and it cleans the floors decently it still needs filled and the cord isn’t long enough so i have to keep unplugging it and moving it to a different outlet, I am finding the same issue with my Hoover Floormate although I still get that sucker out to clean up spills pretty much daily.

I was recently given the opportunity to test out a BRAND NEW PRODUCT, the O-Cedar ProMist. The O-Cedar ProMist is the answer to all my problems. It has a machine washable, up to 100 times, Microfiber pad that doesn’t streak my floors, there’s a refillable bottle that attaches to the handle and with the easy squeeze of the handle trigger and it sprays a mist of your choice of cleaning solution in a fan pattern then you mop it up, no pails!  You can also get a disposable microfiber pad that can either be washed or tossed but since i am semi-green I prefer to be able to wash it.

One of my favorite parts has got to be the refillable bottle. You can use any cleaning solution you prefer. Normally I use water and vinegar because i don’t like using chemical cleaners on my hardwood or with the kids and pets playing on the floor so this is great for us, it’s also much cheaper than having to purchase special refills and there’s NO BATTERIES like some other similar models.  Hey I don’t need to get out a pail to mop my floors that in itself is enough for me haha.

Best of all I can leave the bottle full and ready to go anytime right beside the fridge. if the kids or dogs walk across the floor with dirty shoes it’s right there and you can use it dry too. Even when the kids are napping during the day it’s ready to go, I usually give the floor a quick sweep then wash it and put it away, i can now easily keep my floors clean and looking nice and shiny and it doesn’t even feel like work.

Thank you to O Cedar for this great product to review.
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  1. Sounds great to me! I am looking for a mop that I can use for cleaning the kitchen floor and I want it to be eco-friendly and child-friendly, too! I like the idea of having the O-Cedar mop. Thanks for sharing!

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