Oh Plah by Roundhouse Designs

Holden is teething and so he wants to chew on everything.  At home it is not terrible but sometimes we forget to take toys with us or it is a major pain to haul toys from the van into stores and there is always the fear you will be unfoundedly accused of shoplifting and that for sure is not something anyone wants to face, especially with a young cranky teething baby on your hip.  Given the chance to review the Oh Plah! Bracelet I was intrigued.  Something I could wear and be stylish while wearing but that he could chew on if need be and be kept happy so I can finish my shopping. 
The name Oh Plah! came from a french term “here you go”.  The Oh Plah! Bracelet is safe for babies and children to play with or chew on as a teether or a toy.  It is BPA, Phthalates and PVC free and meets or exceeds the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvment Act (CPSIA) regulations.  It also meets or exceeds saftery testing standards for Canada as well as the European Union.
The Oh Plah! bracelet is completely recyclable and roundhouse will even pay to have it shipped back to them when it is time so that it can be made into new product, how cool is that for a green item.  The braclet is durable and still flexible and stands up to chewing without showing signs of wear or damage.  There are no small parts or paint on it so you don’t have to worry about your little one choking on it when they chew it.  After Holden has chewed on it I simply clean it with soap and water and it is ready to go again to be worn and most inevitably chewed on again and again.  The Oh Plah! is made in the US.
Oh Plah! comes in 6 different colors/themes Energy in clover green (I got this one and it is such a pretty color), Simplicity in pink, Serenity in pealescent white, Harmony in peacock blue, Whimsey in purple and Synchronicity in pewter.  Each one has a pretty picture stamped directly into it, mine has a windmill to represent the energy, synchonicity has the same.  Simplicity is a little flower as is serenity and harmony is a flock of birds in flight.  The MSRP of the Oh Plah! Bracelet is $19.99 and has become one of my fav things to recommend to people and we get people asking about it all the time when I am wearing it, I would for sure say that if your child is teething you need to get this.

Thank you the Oh Plah! and Roundhouse Designs for this great product to review.
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