Olivers Labels Review

“It all began with a small idea to keep Oliver, my nephew, from losing his stuff. After seeing the overwhelming positive reaction from his teachers and other parents, I realized there was a huge demand for high quality labels. I used my 6 years of experience in the printing industry to develop a label that was both durable and beautiful. The business was born and now our full-colour designs and exclusive Found-it™ tracking system are a few of the things that set Oliver’s Labels apart from the competition.”

What a great idea, anyone that has ever had a child go camping with firends or family or having sleep overs or even in our case, 2 boys that occasionally get the same item at the same time fighting over who’s is who’s (because even though they’re identical it really does matter lol)

We recieved a package from Olivers Labels containing original labels, mini labels, shoe labels, stick-eez clothing labels and wrist bands that said no Nuts (for those with nut allergies). We dont have any allergies in our family but a close friends little boy has a peanut allergy and they thought these wrist bands were perfect for parties etc.

We immediatley tagged a few items like his hat that has to go everywhere with him a couple toys and his indoor shoes from school which incidentally happened to be worn home that day like many other occasions. Then we let him tag somed of his things that he felt required it, I’m so glad there wasnt more labels as I’m sure everything he owned and probably the family dog would have recieved a label claiming it as his own. Needless to say he thought they were great and so did we. There are tags on his pillow case and sleeping bag and a few other articles that he will be bringing on a scouts camp out this winter in January and I have all the confidence that we will not have to worry about his stuff being left behind.

Lost an item with a label on it? Found-it™ is Oliver’s Labels exclusive, FREE online lost-and-found system. They give you the option of printing a Found-it™ tracking system code on your labels. This unique code connects you to your item via your email address. You can choose to have a Found-it™ tracking code printed on your labels or tags when you are filling out the personalization information for the product you’re ordering. It’s as simple as checking a box. If you decide to participate in Found-it™ for one or more of the items in your cart, you will be asked for an email address for our Found-it™ tracking system when you check out. If you ever lose an item with a Found-it™ tracking system code, have no fear! When someone finds it they will be prompted to go to a special page on oliverslabels.com (written on the label) with instructions to enter the code on the label. Oliver’s Labels then match you to your Found-it™ tracking system code and send you a notification email right away. Oliver’s Labels acts as an intermediary between you and the finder so you never have to share any of your personal information!

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