Online Bingo…Lots of Fun in Your Pajamas

I love to play online games, I don’t really have much time in our normal daily life to play games with the family although we do have family game night but since I am a stay at home mom I find I have time in the day to play games.  My solution for this is to find online places where I can play with virtual people who may or may not become online acquaintances in the end but for sure have a love of games like I do.

I prefer to find online places where I have choices as to whether I want to pay to play or I want to play for free as sometimes I feel lucky and sometimes I don’t.  BingoPalace is a great online place that allows you to do just that, play either free or paid games.  The prices are very reasonable too as low as $0.25 per card etc.  I haven’t had time to sit and play the games yet but I plan on doing it once I get through my nesting phase and I hope I have awesome beginners luck and I hope that when you try it you have beginners luck too.

Online bingo is my favorite game because I am not stuck in a room where I need to pay close attention for fear of missing the numbers, no one is smoking around me, I can play in my pajamas with my hair in curlers haha and no one cares what I look like.  I don’t really like to leave my house very often either so this is the perfect solution if you are like me.

Do you like to play games?  More specifically do you like to play Bingo and if so do you prefer to play online from the comfort of your own home like me or do you like going to a bingo hall?



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