Out of work doesn’t mean out of memory

I am a stay at home mom/blogger now and let me tell you I love what I do.  No getting up and rushing out the door to go to work, no worries about who will watch my kids and most importantly no more worries about work, period.  I remember worrying about big client meetings and if I was going to have all the stuff I needed, making sure my presentation software was working right and that the computer it was on was working right.  I hated it all my biggest worry now is whether to watch Barney or Backyardigans and I am very happy with that decision.

I will admit though I sometimes do miss the comradery I got from work and my colleagues.  When I first stopped working I did wonder what would become of all my learning, would I just forget everything I knew, would my brain push that aside for diapers, bottles and onesies?  With the help of elearning tools though I don’t have to forget everything, I can still participate in a lot of things from the comfort of my own home so I can stay up to date and even quizzed on stuff that would be important if I were to ever re-enter the workforce.   So to answer my own question, no I won’t forget my brain just grew some to make room for everything.

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  1. Betty N says:

    Good for you! And I think you have given great advice to others who might want to go back into the work force at some later time

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