Outerwear for kids

Outerwear for kids

As the temperatures start to get cooler, parents will want to wrap their little ones up thoroughly to ensure no sniffles arise. There are lots of choices available to do this, ranging from ski-style jackets and gloves to full blown snow suits (great for the rain too). Here are a few great styles for younger children:

All-in-one suits

These are great for keeping the elements out where they belong and come in a range of styles that your child is sure to love. They’ll love pretending they’re going to the North Pole, while you’ll be content knowing they’re keeping warm and dry.


With the military trend still going strong for the adults, the camouflage print is filtering down to children’s fashion too. Ski jackets are made of thick, waterproof material and the print is bright enough that you’ll be able to pick your child out if they wander away, but plain styles are widely available too. Again following on from adult trends, aviator jackets are also great for kids. The fleecy lining will keep them warm in the most frigid temperatures and if your child is fashion conscious, they’ll love this style.

Chunky Knits

Fantastic for the milder days when it’s too warm to wear a coat, but too cold to go without. No complaining they’re cold and no having to carry a coat around because they’re too warm either. A variety of colours are available, so these will suit boys and girls of all ages.


Coming up to winter, the days can unfortunately still be warm, but the joys of British winters mean they’re often wet too. A windcheater jacket is good for these days as it’s light enough that your child won’t be uncomfortably hot, and it’s waterproof which will make sure they’re kept dry too. Wear a sweater as a base layer on cooler days and this style of jacket will last the whole winter.

The retailer Ellos is one of many great buy now pay later stores, where you have the option of several payment methods. This offers clothing for the whole family, not just kids.



  1. courtney says:

    never heard the term “windcheater” but it’s cute!

  2. Janet W. says:

    So many different options for outerwear these days! But there really is an outfit for every occasion.

  3. kewkew says:

    I also have never heard the term “windcheater.” I know we used to have “windbreakers.” For my girls I definitely prefer a snow suit when they are younger and snowpants with a coat when they are older.

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