Overwhelmed Unorganized is me

I have been very tired lately.  Mentally, physically and spiritually exhausted has taken over with a vengance and will not be ignored.

I need to make some changes to my life to make things work better for me before I have a breakdown that will be very hard to come back from.  I feel like I try to get more sleep at night knowing this is one of my issues but no matter how early I go to bed I am still kept awake until 1 am or so and then the kids have me up super early in the morning.  I am not sure why they have been getting up so early but they are going to bed decently well so I will not complain about the mornings and it is not their fault that I cannot sleep at night.

Mentally my mind goes a mile a minute with the kids, school, work, this blog, my  house, marriage and everything else that goes on in my life.  I need to take a breath, slow down and try to mentally schedule my thoughts or else I think of too much at once get easily distracted and get nothing at all done in my life.

Spiritually I do not/have not attended church in quite some time.  I do not turn my life over to Jesus or any other religious icon of sorts, I have beliefs but at this point I am not sure that even my beliefs are there ya know.  I think that I do need to take some time and start attending church regularly and try to find myself and maybe get lucky and find the spiritual awakening I have been searching for.

Things need to change because I find myself falling behind in life, shutting down and feeling overwhelmed with the kids and stuff.  I was very organized 6 months ago and now all of a sudden, unorganized is me.


  1. Hey Jessi. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a rough time right now. I know exactly what you mean about your mind going non-stop. I’ve had that same problem for years but you seem to be so much more organized and do so much more than I ever could. It’s like my minds all a jumble. And if I could only stay on track and make some headway instead of my head being everywhere.

    I’m a Christian but do not attend church now. I know that I would feel better if I did. I hope you follow your instincts and go to church, I think it may help too. You’ll be in prayers Sweetie. Please take care of yourself, take time for yourself and pamper yourself. Take care of you first so you can continue to care for your family. I know, I know, easier said than done.

    With love and warm hugs….Tracy 🙂

  2. Debbie Stanton says:

    Just wanted to say that I too can relate… part of my house, or even my son, doesn’t get the attention it needs, and it’s totally out of sorts I (like my laundry room and the weeds in the yard are way out of control right now and I never have dinner prepared and ready to go every night!).. and i feel overwhelmed and where will i find the time to complete it… but just tackle each one as you can and it’s good that you are looking at the issues and realizing it’s good to make change… life is never constant and how we handle it through schedules, organzition, etc will always be changing too.

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