Parents Try To Sell Their Baby At Walmart

What are people in this world thinking nowadays.  Who tries to sell their child nevermind sell it from the local walmart.  I am sad for this child, six months old and the parents clearly do not care enough about her to deserve to keep and receive her love.  $25.00 was the price tag on the baby, that just makes me sick maybe because my children are my world and I cannot imagine not having them.  Child endangerment is what they were charged with, I think the baby should be taken away and the parents steralized.

Why were they selling the child for $25.00 you ask?  Well since they are thought to have been under the influence of Meth at the time CPS went to their home I am going to assume it was for a fix.  What is even worse is that the mother admits to breastfeeding while under the influence.  Please let this baby be alright, loved and raised right.


  1. Peggy Gorman says:

    I hope that the baby is taken away from them! If not this baby will live a life of horror.

  2. So terribly sad. We have two children, one homegrown and one adopted, and I couldn’t imagine my life without them!

  3. Poor thing. That baby needs to be taken away!! I can’t believe they would sell their baby for $25!!! Where did you see this??

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