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I am not a party mama in the sense of the word for the show you see on TV.  But I do love to throw parties for my kids, family and friends. We can have a party for just random reasons or to celebrate an occasion, it doesn’t matter which and I can make some pretty decent food so we always have a really good turn out to things like these.

In the summer we do company barbecues for Lee’s work, birthday parties for Maddisyn and soon to be Kinley and when we have a new baby we always get them baptized and have the party afterwards outside so we make sure it is always done in the summertime.  I love being out in the fresh air where I don’t have to worry about being cooped up inside the house.  We are not jewish but sometimes I wish we were being I love hearing about people planning a Bar Mitzvah for their kids and think, heck I could plan a lavish party like that.

When planning a party for our kids I spend a lot of time wondering just how to make it work for everyone.  Kids can be picky little creatures can’t they haha.  Food is the biggest issue a lot of times for us so this is what I like to do to prepare for the party

  • Plan for snacks all kids may like.  We put out a wide range of fruits and vegetables that way everyone has a snack they like.
  • Chips are not a necessity.  I used to always want to put chips out but found this ended up in a crummy mess around my house, yard and deck so now I may do one kind of chips ie. plain because all kids will eat plain.  Avoid the cheesies these will leave little orange finger prints around your house.
  • Have a small assortment of drinks.  Too many choices leads to confused kids and wasted drinks.  We like to do drink boxes (2 flavors only) and bottles of water for the kids and have pop on hand for the adults.  Kids do not need anymore sugar then what they will get from cake and ice cream so they do not get any pop.
  • The cake.  This one is very important, I find that some kids like chocolate and some like vanilla.  In recent years I have actually found doing cupcake cakes is much easier (see the picture of Maddisyn’s last year below).  I can do some vanilla, some chocolate and it is easier to just grab a cupcake and put it on a plate with ice cream then it is to cut cake, scoop it and hope the pieces are small enough.  Also with cupcakes the kids can eat with their hands which believe it or not usually ends up with cleaner kids at the end.
  • Games are not really necessary but a good distraction.  We do small games like hot potatoe and pin the tail on the donkey, it is a good distraction and the younger kids are happy with prizes like coloring book and crayons, pencils and such that all can be picked up from the dollar stores.

Maddisyns 4th Birthday cake (it is made out of cupcakes)

Parties do not have to be complicated, 5 hour long events to be fun.  2-3 hours is good, have a budget and stick with it and you should have a fun party without the stress on your wallet.

Sometimes I think I should be a party planner and have considered it but then I feel like if I try something like that then I wouldn’t have time to cook the delicious goodies that I love to serve so it would have to be one or the other and I am not prepared at this point to decide which way to go.

Do you love to plan parties?  What is your favorite food to serve at a party?  What is your favorite party you have planned so far?

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  1. Wendy T says:

    I agree with shorter parties. Especially for the younger crowd!

  2. Betty Baez says:

    I love planning parties we usually do outdoor games or the children’s museum

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  1. Tips for a Perfect Kids Party…

    Simple party planning tips for organizing a party that will keep kids entertained….

  2. says:

    Tips for a Perfect Kids Party…

    Simple party planning tips for organizing a party that will keep kids entertained….

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