Pet Super Store raised dishes review

When we got Holley we got her decent sized dishes right from the start as we knew it wouldn’t take long for her to grow much larger. We thought we would be good to go with the decision we made however after a few months we quickly realized the choice we made was not the correct one, Holden started crawling and getting into EVERYTHING the fact that he was trying to eat the dog food was tolerable and we just had to tell him no and keep on it this is pretty well unstoppable with any dish haha, the part that was frustrating was that he could pick up the bowls and flip them over.

Not ever having a raised set of dog dishes before we didn’t really give them much thought at first but then we found the Modern 2 Bowl Feeder at that fit nicely with the style of our kitchen and looked sturdy enough to keep Holden from flipping it, we were right on that one, he didn’t flip it once. Instead he learned to climb up and sit in them haha, (I’m not sure if that or the spilling was more frustrating) we ended up moving them to the basement bathroom as it’s large enough that they are off to the side out of the way but the finish we chose fits the decor there nicely as well so it’s still a winner.

The Modern 2 bowl feeder has architect-designed styling, made of wood Veneers with 2 stainless steel bowls and is available in 6 environmentally conscious finishes, Bamboo, Douglas Fir, Maple, Cherry, Walnut and Wenge (poplar).

The feeder comes in 4 sizes to accommodate any size of pet,
Small – 2 one-pint bowls
Medium – 2 one-quart bowls
Large – 2 two-quart bowls
Extra Large 2 three-quart bowls

Pricing ranges from $120 – $270 depending on size and not only do you get the sleek easy to clean design, but your dog will enjoy the benefits of better digestion through reduced gulping and gas while you can eliminate much of the mess associated with floor feeders.

Thank you to Pet Super Store for this great product to review.
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  1. Yvonne Butler says:

    I can just see Holden sitting with his legs under the dish folder. He must look like he is putting his tray over his lap to eat, That is just so cute. If they were not so expensive I would save get him one to eat lunch one. I like that they come in different sizes and this helps measuring out food. and since that are so expensive then I would want them to be special and match the decor of the home. Sorry but no matter how cute mine will just have to eat his from his corning ware dish that sits on the little wood platform we built.

  2. Those devices are certainly adorable.

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