Photo Gifts from Shutterfly…It’s on my Mothers Day Wishlist

With Mothers Day fast approaching I find myself giving more and more hints as to what I want. This year my true desire is to have something with my kids on it. I want something meaningful and that I can hold onto and cherish for many years to come.

Shuttefly has some very awesome photo gifts that I would love to receive. I think my favorite would be a blanket that contains images of all of my children. Now because I am expecting I know I would need to receive the gift late to ensure all my kids were on there but that is something I am willing to risk to ensure I get something precious forever.

Since Kinley is our last baby a photo book of all our kids from baby up to now in a few short pictures would be a nice way to celebrate them too, or an iPhone case which I would ALWAYS have with me because I always have my iPhone. It is a good thing I still have another few weeks until Mothers Day because I feel like I cannot decide which would be best for me to tell Lee I would really want, maybe I will just ask for them all and let him pick which one is best for me.

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  1. Elena says:

    My Mom loves photo gifts. I am going to make a photo book for her for Mother’s Day

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