Picky Eaters R Us

I have never had a child who had texture issues with their food.  Chase was a bird-like eater who only picked at what was put in front of him, but would eat it.  Blake would eat anything given to him, no matter what it was, so feeding him was super easy.  Maddisyn was also a bird-like eater but she was a bit pickier and didn’t really like meat.  She would devour sausages cooked in spaghetti sauce or potatoes, and she LOVES corn on the cob but other than that she was hit or miss.

Holden on the other hand, I have not had a child this picky in my life, and hope that Kinley eats much better.  He doesn’t like potatoes because the texture is too weird.  Loves yogurt, cheese and other milk-like products, which is really great.  Will eat sausages and sometimes pork chops but nothing else for meat.  One thing this child will eat with zero doubt in my mind is rice!  I could make a huge pot of rice, give him nothing but rice for supper and he would be beyond thrilled with it, and eat it all night long and not want to share haha.  I don’t mind him eating it, but dang can he ever make a mess with it!  haha.

Coping with the picky eaters and textural issues has become an ever painful thorn in my side, and I have resolved that my children WILL eat what is put in front of them or else they will eat nothing!  No, I am not that mean usually, “nothing” for the little ones means cheese whiz sandwich which neither have a problem with and would eat it day and night if given the opportunity.

Does your house have a picky eater in it?  How do you cope with it?  What is their favorite, and least favorite foods?


  1. Nancy T says:

    Both girls ate everything (my youngest 2.5 still does) until my oldest hit about 3.5 then I was hardpressed to get ANY meat in her. She’s better now – it took a lot of time – and will eat most meats although it still depends on whether she’s in a stubborn mood (which she gets from her momma). 🙂

  2. Cassie Charman says:

    My son is ridiculously picky. He basically lives off milk, yogurt, pancakes, mashed potatoes, toast with peanut butter and cereal. I’ve been struggling for so long to get him to eat and its always “no i dont like that”. He has been this way since he was even eating baby food. I never know what to do. I’m going to keep following this for any helpful tips!

  3. My son is not really picky.. he likes lots of things, but I have a hard time with him eating when I want him to. He will eat pretty big for breakfast and lunch, but dinner I am lucky if he takes a single bite. And he eats better on normal days like when I go to work and he is at the sitter, the weekends are harder to get him to eat. I think he just wants to go, go, go.

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