Piggy Paint Review

One day Melanie Hurley was painting her two little girls fingernails and while painting them one of her daughters dropped a glob of nail polish o the foam plate they were painting their nails over.  Shortly after the polish began to bubble and ate through the plate.  That is when she decided that she was never going to use solvent based nail polish on her daughters nails again.  Thus Piggy Paint was born.  Piggy Paint is made from natural ingredients, it is odorless, hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

Maddisyn and I received a bottle of Piggy Paint in Girls Rule as well as a bottle of nail polish remover.  As soon as i opened the package I knew the color totally suited Maddisyn and her bright attitude.  We got right to work painting her nails, we bathed her, then we cleaned her nails up with the nail polish remover to make sure all the natural oils were removed so they would not interfere with the polish and how it worked.  So we pulled out Maddisyns little rocking chair, the blow dryer and put on our secret weapon, Toopy and Binoo, and got to work on her nails.  She sat like a good little girl and watched TV while i painted her nails, then we sang our ABC’s twice as the instructions suggest to let the polish air dry before we turned the blow dryer on her nails for another minute or two.  Then Maddisyn went down for a nap, and when she got up her paint was gone.  I was bummed but thought maybe i didn’t do something right so we went through the process again and it did the same thing.

We were quite confused on why it was not working and thought perhaps it was just our daughters nails or perhaps something in the bottle of polish was not right, i am happy to say i contacted Piggy Paint about it and let them know and they were amazing about it, explained the directions to me again to verify i had not missed something and when we were sure it was not me, and trust me it could have been lol, they were kind enough to send us another bottle of the paint, they sent it out on Friday and i received it on Monday, that was some super quick shipping.  This time we got Dandelion Dance and i am happy to say that we put it on Maddisyns nails and it is still there.  She is super proud of her gorgeous nails and we had a ton of fun painting them.  She calls them her pretties and is always looking at them and showing them off.  I am anxiously awaiting it to come off more so i can clean up her nails and paint them again cause we had so much fun.

Check out Piggy Paint and tell me what color you would use on your little one or yourself and please spread the ords to your friends to come check out and follow my blog publicly.

Piggy Paint has graciously provided Jabbering Jessi’s readers with a 15% discount code: JESS15L  that is good anytime between now and September 15th 2009.

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