Piggyback Rider Review

Maddy likes to ride on our shoulders or backs when we are out and about at events that a lot of people are attending.  She quite honestly prefers the closeness of that and the contact as opposed to a stroller where she cannot always keep eyes on us.  The problem for us with this is that it gets painful on the neck or shoulders for her to be on them for hours on end.

Thanks to two dads who had the amazing idea of making the Piggyback Rider as a great way for parents to further bond with their children.  I wore my babies in a child carrier from the day they were born until they were simply too big to want to be carried in such a manner anymore.  Maddy does still like to ride just not in the baby carriers, this provides us a great solution to this.  Sometimes a stroller just is not practical in large crowds so we used to avoid them, now with the Piggyback Rider we face then straight on and know that we won’t have to try to navigate a huge stroller through everything, and most of the events we attend are in the grass so we don’t really have a stroller that would work anyhow.  For $79.99, less then the cost of a good stroller, you can go anywhere and not worry about terrain, traffic or navigating.

The Piggyback Rider allows your child to stand at your back, there is a special harness for your child which you put on them, then you put the harness/rider on yourself.  You have your child stand on the metal bar that hangs at about your waist and the harness that your child wears clips at the shoulders of your harness to ensure that they do not fall off.  There is handles for your child to hold on the back, the padding in the shoulders for you ensures that your shoulders do not feel like they are busting off with your child on your back.  Made for children ages 2 ½+ (and up to 60 pounds) the Piggyback Rider weighs about three pounds and comes in a super convenient travel bag that allows you to roll your rider up to about the size of a towel.

Child's Harness

Parent's Carrier

Putting this on with Maddisyn and even Holden was very easy to do and is one of the kids favorite ways to travel.  The little ones actually fight over who is going to get to ride that day and has forced us to discuss buying a second one to use with the kids so they can both ride together.

If I had to make one improvement to this though I would for sure make the foot bar slightly wider.  Maddisyn stands on it with the ball of her foot on the bar and even wearing shoes she sometimes mentions that her feet hurt, if there was a just a bit more width I think that the problem would be solved.

I am not the only one who thinks the Piggyback Rider is the most amazing and innovative product out there.  On top of other bloggers singing the praises they have also received several prestigious awards such as The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Dr. Toy Best Vacation Products, and the prestigious PTPA (“Parent Tested, Parent Approved”) Spring 2011 Award in five categories.


Full Sail International, LLC (FSI) is the family-owned and -operated company that designed and manufactures the Piggyback Rider™. Established in 2007, FSI strives to re-innovate existing products and create new ones.

Led by brothers Wayne and Jonny Lifshitz and supported by their youngest brother Bryan, the Piggyback Rider™ was born after thousands of hours utilizing everything the internet had to offer including nightly VOIP calls, on-line white boarding, phone calls, emails, basement photo shoots and data sharing sites. With eight children among them, they have done their fair share of carrying kids and quickly realized that there had to be something better than bulky backpack carriers (our kids would fall asleep and miss our adventures) and strollers (our kids were relegated to ankle and knee point of view). Together, we formed a formidable team beyond our individual strengths. It was an immediate hit with our children, who are unanimous in saying, “Your kids are going to love it!” Our wives approve also.

We give this product eight thumbs up (we have two kids and two parents singing praises) and can see us using it for years to come with the kids and then passing it along to our friends to use for theirs.

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  1. Kendra says:

    Amazing product! I can see how useful this would be for our family. Thanks for the review.

  2. eva says:

    this is great! does it hurt after awhile though or does it have great support?

  3. Leah Walker says:

    This is by far one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I wish I was as smart as all these people who invent such smart things. Lol. It’s one of those things where you think ‘why didn’t I think of that?’

  4. Vaughn X says:

    great review!!!

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