Pillow Woes

I hate my pillow, I have had it since I was a kid I swear to god this thing is like 20 years old.  wanna hear the sad part, I am not sure I could sleep without it, it is my security blanket.  The problem is that with using this ancient, flat, foam filled thats right I said foam filled pillow I get a lot of neck and back pain.  So rather then just give up the pillow and suffer through the thought of sleeping without it for a day or two I end up having to go through back pain treatments instead for all the pain it causes my body.  Someone break me of my drug pillow before I have to go see a chiropractor.

I have looked for a new pillow I really have but there are just too many choices out there and I end up flustered with kids that want to go and give up and come home to my regular ole foam filled 20 year old pillow.  I mean which pillow is better, feather filled, firm, soft, orthopedic pillow, down filled pillow, foam pillow, memory foam pillow, neck pain pillow BLARGH there is simply too many choices.  Tell me what kind of pillow you use and why you like it, someone help me with this decision, my kids will thank you forever.

I Disclose


  1. hippie4ever says:

    I use a memory foam core, feather outer layer…with another feather overtop. Works for me 🙂

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