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I love to arrange play dates with our friends.  Maddisyn and Holden love to have company come to their house and play with them.  Our favorite time to do this is the summer but we like to do it year round.  The problem is arranging them sometimes the details get lost in emails, scraps of paper they are written down on at the attendees houses or computer notepads that just don’t save.  Now thanks to Playdate Planet all those problems are solved.

I went to the Playdate Planet website and the very first thing that made me love it even more was I could connect it with my Facebook so inviting friends to join was as easy as signing up with my Facebook then sending them an invite to join Playdate Planet.  Once they join and add their kids to it you log into your account and assign each one of their kids to one of your kids so that if you are doing a playdate for a certain one of your kids the invite list will only show the kids that they are friends with.

Creating our playdate was easy at the time you create the playdate you can let people know what child it is for, the date, the time frame and duration.  Also lets you know how many spots are available, the address of the playdate, who it will be supervised by and the food that will be provided.  Then you choose invited kids and publish the invite for your friend to go ahead and accept the invitations.  Once your friend accepts the invitation to your playdate you get email notification letting you know which children are available to come to the playdate which is quite a nice feature because sometimes I get busy and don’t always have the chance to go back and constantly check out and see if I got responses.  It was quite easy to arrange our playdate and we will be having it in two weeks.

I highly recommend you go check out the Playdate Planet website and go ahead and like Playdate Planet on Facebook and follow Playdate Planet on Twitter!

I am thrilled to be involved in the fabulous giveaway they have running right now as well.  It is a giveaway spanning across a few different blogs and will have two winners in the end.

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