Pop on Pals Review

Due to my relationship with Team Mom I recently was given the opportunity to try out a brand new play set from Pop on Pals by Spin Master.  The toy we received is geared for kids ages 2-4 and let me tell you Maddisyn at just about 3 and Holden at 15 months both really love it and they play with it all the time, as a matter of fact while I am writing this they are both sitting there fighting over the one little person that comes with it so they can play with it.

As you can see from the picture here there is so much to do with the toy, your little fair going girl can ride the roller coaster, the ferris wheel or the dragon boat.  The set comes with three interchangeable “bodies” so your person can be the strong man with a hammer in hand, have their arms in the air like a true roller coaster rider.  The spot where you set your hammer guy or the ball throw guy make noise when the person is pushed down which absolutely thrilled my kids to no end.  I love this toy because it is prompting them to use their imagination and play at different things.  I also love that you can purchase different sets and all the characters are interchangeable with each set so the sky is really the limit.

To purchase Pop on Pals you can go to Kmart, Walmart, Target, Sears, Meijer, Amazon, or a few other which can all be found on the Pop on Pals website under the buy tab at the top.  The Amusement Park set we received is valued at $34.99 and well worth every penny.  After all it does open up A World of Endless Popabilities.

Thank you Spin Master and Team Mom for this great product to review.
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