Portable Barbecue for Fathers Day ~ Maybe

I am a very terrible shopper.  I never know what to buy Lee for fathers day.  Honestly he is not easy to shop for either lol, i think this year he will be getting some new dress pants, dress shirts and ties for work because I have no idea what else to buy him unless of course I buy him a power tool or something haha.

Last year we spent some time working on our back yard and so to complete the look and for Fathers Day the kids and I bought him a barbecue grill.  He absolutely loves that thing and would cook on it daily if I let him haha.  I am not a fan of most foods on the grill but I will say that I love pizza on the barbecue.  We have even been looking at portable barbecue grills that we can take with us on picnics, to the beach or even if we go to the park to cook out with our friends and family.  Hey that is a good idea maybe I will go ahead and get him a portable grill for Fathers Day this year and then it will work both ways for us – a gift and convenience in saving money since we were buying anyways.

I prefer to do all my shopping online because with four kids going to the store turns into a hair pulling, completely stressed out situation.  So I have been doing a lot of looking around at grills and I found one I think might be perfect for us, the Napoleon freestyle travel barbeque.  The price is right in line with what I was expecting to pay for a decent one and although I don’t know much about grills I know that this one operates on a 1 lb propane bottle which makes it easy to travel with and that the stuff in it reduces flare ups and gives even cooking, if you have ever eaten the food I cook on the grill you will know that is important haha.  I think that this is the perfect one for us and I am going to have Lee check it out and if we get the thumbs up I will order it.


  1. Donna B. says:

    I had a portable grill for years and loved it. The one you mentioned looks like a good one 🙂

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