Portare Camera Bag Review

Lee loves to take pictures, I wouldn’t say he is a professional but he certainly enjoys what he does and is quite good at it if I do say so myself. His favorite thing to do is just go for a walk and take pictures of things he sees in nature that are picture worthy.  The only problem with this is sometimes he wants different lenses or filters or whatever else people who take pictures need (can you tell I know nothing except how to focus the camera haha). Anyways so when he is out he doesn’t really have a good camera bag for traveling and ends up hauling this big huge heavy bag everywhere he goes. This was not really a good solution for us because sometimes after hours his shoulder and back hurt from the heavy load. Then we received a Portare Camera backpack and I have not heard any complaints about sore neck, back or shoulders.

The Portare Camera Bag is a backpack camera bag, right there his biggest problem was solved. But beyond that it has enough space to carry all of the important stuff he needs when out taking pictures and then as if that was not enough it has enough room to carry his laptop, net book or my iPad. I have never seen him happier with a camera bag and we love it so much we have bragged to my dad and step mom about it and I think that they are going to look into getting one too for when they are on the go with their D90.

Lets talk about some of the great features of the Portare camera backpack. The bag is constructed of very durable Ballistic nylon which was originally created by Dupont to be worn as flak jackets to protect World War II airmen from debris and flying fragmentation.  This to me makes it worthy of protecting Camera gear. Inside this rugged exterior you’ll find Numerous storage pockets to house all of your accessories and safely protect your expensive equipment. All of these compartments are highly padded and fully adjustable to get the best fit and organization possible. Combine these features with double padded straps and the padded back of the back which not only makes it very comfortable to wear but also allows air to circulate between the bag and your back so there’s no sweating during those summer outings. Another great feature of this bag is the hidden rain cover that is stowed away in a compartment on the very bottom of the bag, if you’re ever headed out in the rain or just get caught in a sudden storm it’s always there, just pull it our and stretch the elastic fit over the entire bag and you’ll never have to worry about your stuff getting wet.

I have only used this bag to carry the camera to outings and such but Lee has commented on how much he loves the bag and how it is his favorite bag by far, this summer he is shooting his cousins outdoor wedding and is very excited to be able to carry everything he will need in one easy to carry bag. I’m sure the bridal party will enjoy the fact that he will be able to switch lenses etc. without fumbling through an unorganized cluttered bag therefore saving time……. his and theirs.

Want to buy your own Portare Backpack camera bag?  Use the code JABBERING60 on the Portare website and get $60.00 off the purchase price which is normally $139.99.  You can also buy the Portare’Camera Bag on Amazon.com for 99.99.

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  1. Donna B. says:

    Wow, sounds like a great bag. I’m jealous 😉 Thanks for the review 🙂

  2. Vittoria says:

    i can’t believe how much can fit in there! wow!

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