Potluck was great

Well we have been home for a while but since I have been busy trying to bang out all my need to do sponsor posts it has taken me a bit of time to post this.

Lee’s grandmother looked amazing and I had the change to invite her over for supper on Friday for Holdens birthday.  Back when she first went into the hospital we talked about her being well enough to come to my house and having breakfast for supper.  Now that she is well enough that is exactly what we will be doing, we will be having pancakes, eggs, french toast casserole, hashbrowns, bacon and sausages.  Then Lee’s family will be over for cake and ice cream and to help us celebrate Holden turning the big 01.

While there we had good food, good company and great conversation.  We talked about our house and how the renovations and such were coming and our plans for the house for this summer.  Lee’s family is very hands on and would be more then willing to help us if we asked which is good because this summer we have a lot to do to the house.  We need to get in some replacement windows because ours are all super old and single pane and let the heat out like nobodys business, we need to get some vinyl replacement windows but the one front window alone is going to cost us about 1000 so that is going to have to wait a bit.  We are also in the process now of tearing out the carpet and refinishing the old hardwood, all the rooms have been easy to do right up until Holdens it has this disgusting cardboard underlay stuff GLUED to his floor making it for a huge job that we have to do, I took a pic to post so you know how gross it looks now, I will post an after picture once we are done.  Once we are done all the floors and it warms up a little bit more we will be re shingling the roof, thankfully we already got all the shingles and tar paper for that we just need to get up on the roof and get it done.  Then once we get the windows all installed we will need to put up new insulated vinyl siding so that all our windows and roofing are not done in vain and the house will hopefully be warmer and cheaper to heat next winter.

Sorry I got off track on this post lol I just love Lee’s family and their willingness to work and help which we will certainly need.  The food was amazing, I made a great macaroni salad and we had creamed cauliflower, a hashbrown casserole, turkey, ham, rolls, layered salad and coleslaw.  It was all so yummy and a great feast, I love these family get togethers because we are all very good cooks and put us all together and well it equals pounds on the waist lol.  Then for dessert we had cake, ice cream and jello.  Mouth watering yet?  I know mine was when i smelled all the delicious food I wish I would have remembered to take pictures to share with you but not to worry I will take pics of our breakfast next week as well as Holden eating his first birthday cake and a ton more of all the awesome stuff we were sent by sponsors to share with you, some really amazing toys and such that any babe would love.

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