Poverty in the US infograph


  1. won says:

    We live in the richest country…and half our residents will spend at least a year below poverty level? That is sad, and scary for the future.

  2. Leah Walker says:

    I can’t believe Louisiana isn’t on that list at the bottom. We are usually on all the poor lists. I deliver mail so I see a lot of things that other people never see. Driving down side roads and dead end roads in poor towns is different than driving through it and going past it all. I deliver in one town that is just beyond belief. There are people and animals both starving there. Crimes are being ignored, like dog fighting. People just look the other way. I see the ‘system’ so taken advantage of and it’s so aggravating. The people who really need help can’t get it because the people who are just lazy abuse it.

  3. courtney says:

    very interesting.. it is crazy we live somewhere where there shouldnt be so much poverty

  4. eva says:

    The disparity is so sad. :'[

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