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We had the opportunity to work with Pretty Please Press to do a review of four books written to help children build confidence and character.
Pretty Please Press publishes children’s books that are designed to be read aloud and talked about. Each book contains a message about character and values that helps parents and children think and talk about a variety of issues. Pretty Please Press was founded in 2001 by author Laura Aimee Garn, and is now led by publisher Vera Venturi.
The books at Pretty Please Press are all reasonably priced for the content in them in my opinion.  Each book is 15.95 but are all on sale for 12.96 each at the time of this writing.  Pretty Please Press does offer a bulk discount for those that want to order 12 or more books.
Sam arrives at his first karate class all ready to receive his black belt. To his surprise, he has a lot to learn about karate, and there are many other belts to earn before he attains the rank of black belt. With the help of his patient instructor, he learns how to work hard toward his goal and to master this new skill. This story shows that patience and practice are important when we are approaching a new challenge.
Bella Basset is a pup when her mother takes her to see the famous Royal Borzoi Ballet for the first time. At the ballet, a dream is born: Bella wants to become a dancer! But in Bella’s world, only Borzois can dance, so she has many obstacles to overcome before she can realize her dream. This is a story about dedication and perseverance, which may give children (and grown-ups) the inspiration to pursue their dreams.
Lavinia and Emmeline Twitchell look like perfect little angels, but their behavior is anything but angelic! They squabble constantly, and their poor parents suffer in a noisy, divided household. When the girls are “discovered” by a creative vaudeville producer, their spectacular fights become entertainment, and they are launched on a glamorous career. Battles may be part of growing up with a sister, but it helps to look at them with humor. The Twitchell Sisters demonstrate that someday the fights may yield to understanding and appreciation.
In a distant galaxy, on a very colorful planet, a brilliant purple Pynx settles into her new home in the jungle. But her noisy arrival upsets the other fanciful creatures who are already living there quite happily. When the Pynx expands her family with dozens of new babies, her neighbors are very upset. The very vocal Pynx has had this problem before, but this time, with a little luck, she finds a real home. This is a story about being tolerant, learning to appreciate differences, and about finding ways to communicate.
As you can see in the synopsis of these books that each book provides life important messages to our children.  It helps to teach them patience, understanding, communication, tolerance, perservernace and so much more.
We sat down and read these books to all four of the kids, I do know that Maddisyn and Holden are pretty young for this and the boys already know most of the character traits taught but it did help to reinforce the skills we are already well on the way to teaching them.  They boys enjoyed listening to the stories though and finding out what other “people” would do in situations.  I look forward to reading these more to Maddisyn and helping her to understand and learn along with the help of these books.
Go to Pretty Please Press and pick up your copies of these four great titles for yourself.  All books are discounted 20% on the Pretty Please Press site and when you buy 3 books you get one free !.

Pretty Please Press has sent me a set of these
awesome books to give to one of my readers.

Tell me what you think the most important character trait is that we can teach our children.

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