Purina Maxx Scoop Small Spaces

I was recently contacted by Purina and invited to take part in their Small Spaces review group.  We have a litter box for our cat in a not so convienent location simply because the only other place to put it is in our tiny bathroom and since space is limited in there when I tried to put the other box in it stuck out too far and we tripped on it all the time.

In participating in the Small Spaces review group I received the Cozy Corner Cat Litter Box, a Litter Mat (which I was unable to use because the bathroom is too small), a litter caddy and scoop which I have hanging on the edge of my toilet tank for each scooping access as well as some treats for our kitty and coupons to try the Purina Maxx Scoop Small Spaces Kitty Litter.

When the box arrived at our home I immediately went to work getting it setup in the bathroom for the cat and showing her where it was.  This is a little different for her because it has a lid on it with a door and while the other litter box I received to review (post coming later) has the lid we have been unable to use it because it doesn’t fit properly anywhere with it on unfortunately.   The Cozy Corner Cat Litter Box fit perfectly between my toilet and pedestal sink and while it does stick out some it does not protrude past the toilet so it is not a big deal.  As I said earlier I did receive the litter mat but it simply will not fit in the space where the litter box is so I have it put away in hopes that I can someday use it in a larger space.  The litter Caddy has been a godsend because I always know where the litter scoop is and don’t have to worry about my kids getting ahold of it.

Now as I previously mentioned I had a different litter box in this space before but my MAJOR complaint was the smell.  I don’t live in a huge place so if the cat used the litter box the smell was not always pleasant and man can that little cat stink up the place.  When I got the box I could not wait to go and get the litter for it so I sent Lee off to Walmart because I was home not feeling well.  He came back with it and we opened it up and immediately I noticed it was not as dusty and choky as our previous litter was, I could not pour our previous litter because it would send me into a coughing fit for at least 20 minutes.  With this litter I still made Lee pour it for the first time just because I did not want to risk the coughing fit but he assured me that I would not have to worry about that and he was right.  When the box needed changed I am the one who poured the new litter in and it did not bother me at all to do so, no coughing fits, no dust, no nothing that in itself gives this litter an A+ in my books. The Maxx Scoop Small spaces also takes care of that nasty odor I mentioned earlier and it both traps the nasty odors and has a nice smell to it — as nice as cat litter can smell of course.

I have recommended this to my friends and family and I for sure recommend it to you my readers, if you have cats and very little space then you should for sure try the Maxx Scoop Small Spaces Cat Litter.

Thank you to Matchstick & Purina for this great product to review.
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