Real Steel Prize Pack Giveaway (Rafflecopter)

Have you seen the movie Real Steel yet?  I have not had the pleasure but it releases into our theaters this Friday and I intend on going to see it once we are back from our trips.  At first I was not going to go but the trailers make it look so good I think it will be worth it.

Haven’t seen a trailer yet?  Well you can check out this one that focuses heavily on the father-son story in the film.

Now do you want to see it?  I think it looks pretty awesome and I am pretty sure the boys will love it as it seems to be right up their alley in the movie department.

I have for giveaway an awesome prize pack which consists of the following items:

REAL STEEL t-shirt in adult  sizes of S, M, L, XL
REAL STEEL bottle opener
REAL STEEL stickers
REAL STEEL temporary tattoos

This prize pack was provided by Dreamworks Pictures, I received no compensation for hosting this giveaway.


  1. Nancy T says:

    Based on the trailer I think it would be an interesting movie to see – a family movie about the relationship between a parent and child.

  2. Dan M says:

    Looks like a fresh take on robot movies

  3. Jenn M. says:

    love sci-fi and Hugh Jackman

  4. Nina McClain says:

    it has Hugh Jackman!

  5. valerie mabrey says:

    I think y whole family would like ti because it is at everybody’s level entertaining,
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  6. Maria Gabriel says:

    I think it should be pretty good. My husband seems intent on seeing it, so it looks like we probably will end up seeing it. He’s way into action/sci-fi type movies so this is right up his alley, and with Hugh Jackman in it, I’m not complaining!

  7. joe asher says:


  8. Anastasia says:

    At first glance, I’m not sure I would like it. I do enjoy Hugh Jackman from time to time though, so that may be why I’ll like it in the end 🙂

  9. Cody says:

    I like Hugh Jackman, so I think I might enjoy it.


  10. Birdie s says:

    we are big boxing fans & the kids love Robots …so its a great combo we’ll def. be seeing it…

  11. renee walters says:

    I follow your blog on GFC, subscribe to your email and like you on Facebook! I would love to win this! The movie interests me because Evangaline Lilly is in it and I like her from Lost! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!
    Renee Walters

  12. Cindi says:

    I have two sons that would enjoy the movie and your prize package…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  13. Kathy Dunaway says:

    I think the movie looks very exciting.My sons can’t wait to see it. Thanks for the giveaway:)

  14. Doris C says:

    I’m not sure if I will like it but my nephew and the rest of the boys will.

  15. Farrah Shumway says:

    I think I will like this movie for sure! I LOVE big action movies. I think the fighting robots idea is really cool & then of course there’s Hugh Jackman…. yummy 🙂

  16. nan says:

    i’d like to see hugh jackman in action so it’s a def see
    nannypanpan at

  17. Leah Walker says:

    I think it looks like a really good movie. And come one, Hugh Jackman is in it. That makes it a hit right there in my book. WOW!

  18. Gladys Parker says:

    A few reasons, my sons are interested in it so it will be a family night movie also it has Hugh Jackman for me but shhh I’ll let them think it is all about them lol
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

  19. Janet W. says:

    I think my husband would like it, and my son in law, but it doesn’t really appeal to me that much. I think it’s more of a boy thing!

  20. Marj M. says:

    I think I’d like this movie b/c I love Action movies.

  21. Douglas Houston says:

    Real Steel looks like a cool movie with lots of action…yeah

  22. Joshua Holmes says:

    I havent even seen it and i love it already

  23. Louis says:

    looks like a cool movie but I might go with my husband, since my kids are too young for it

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  24. Pauline M says:

    I want to see it because of Hugh Jackman, however, my kids are really anxious to see the great robots!

  25. helen says:

    Already saw it, I wanted to see it because of the robots, I love to build lego mindstorm robots! 🙂

  26. joanne major says:

    i want to see this because of the relationship between father and son

  27. Daniel M says:

    yep wanna see big robots duke it out

  28. I think real steel would be an intetesting movie to see because we all know and remember the cassics from yesteryear were the hero saves the day by takin over the vilians and over the years they just keep makig great movie like that to enjoy
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

  29. Crystal Faulk says:

    The movie trailers look great. Hugh Jackman usually does an awesome job as an actor so I have to say he really makes me want to watch.

  30. Luis Bonilla says:

    I think it would be cool to see because of the robots

  31. Jennefer Sweitzer says:

    my daughters and my husband have been wanting to see this movie the second they saw the preview… so i so badly would love to win for them

  32. kathy pease says:

    i think this would be great to see my son loves robots

  33. tracey johnson says:

    because hugh jackman is in it.

  34. daniel healey says:

    My kids love robot movies.

  35. susan smoaks says:

    we can’t wait to see this movie, we love hugh jackman

  36. meme says:

    I think I would like it because it looks like a fun positive family movie

  37. Laura Emerson says:

    I love futuristic movies as well as Hugh Jackman. The two together would make the perfect movie to see.
    laura dot hopelessromantic dot emerson at gmail dot com

  38. Karen Propes says:

    From the preview I want to see it now with our Family. At 1st the title made me think it was different

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