Recipe for A Quick, Easy, and (Hopefully) Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, which for many people means travelling, relaxing with family, and eating a festive dinner. Some of us are accustomed to making the Thanksgiving feast every year. Our extended family all converges on our house, the men watch football on Thursday afternoon, and the women meticulously cook a delicious dinner. If this is part of your tradition, cooking a large meal for the occasion probably doesn’t give you much pause. After all, you’re used to cutting two turkeys and making ten pounds of stuffing. You’re used to having a hectic Thursday afternoon. And, moreover, you probably get some help from family members along the way.

But there is just as large a segment of the population that travels for Thanksgiving and doesn’t have to worry about the cooking side of things. For this group of people – of which I am a member – the holiday is stressful not for the ten pounds of stuffing but for the airline delays. In most years, as Thanksgiving approaches, you can find me browsing the internet, looking for travel deals, the best credit cards for airline miles, and no foreign transaction fee credit cards to help entice my husband to come along. Cooking plays no role in my pre-holiday stress.

This year, though, due to a wide range of circumstances, the extended family isn’t gathering for Thanksgiving this year. This means no large, raucous dinners, which is both good and bad. This means no travel, which is decidedly good. And, of course, this means that I have to cook dinner for my husband and kids, which is very certainly a negative.

However, I believe that I’ll be prepared. The thought of spending all day running around the kitchen doesn’t appeal to me in the least, so I’ve tried to plan a meal that will be as traditional, convenient, and delicious as possible. Here’s what I have in mind:

-Roast Turkey. I’m going to simply buy a whole turkey, put it in a pan filled with olive oil and garlic, and roast it in the oven for almost an hour. This way my family will get the meat and gravy that they want and I won’t have to slice the turkey. That job I’ll leave for my husband.

-Potatoes. I’ve bought a couple sweet potatoes and regular potatoes, and I plan to slice them into pieces and throw them into a bowl. Then I’ll throw on some rosemary and garlic, drizzle on some olive oil, and put the bowl in the oven while the turkey roasts.

-Stuffing. No Thanksgiving is complete without stuffing, but this is the food that often gives Thanksgiving cooks the biggest headaches. I plan to avoid this issue by preparing quality stuffing – but out of a box. I bought a box of Trader Joe’s stuffing last week. It comes highly recommended by a friend and, most importantly, it takes only minutes to make.

So that’s my plan for a quick and tasty Thanksgiving dinner. Hopefully, it will turn out as anticipated, leaving my family content and myself as relaxed as possible.

To all you Thanksgiving cooks out there, happy cooking and happy holiday.

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  1. Tamara B. says:

    We too will be staying home this Thanksgving and not traveling to meet the family. It is good but also bad I miss all of the excitement when we are all together. I too dread the cooking but not so much as cleaning all of the dishes. Have a very blessed Thaqnksgiving 🙂

  2. Vickie Couturier says:

    We stayed home too ,,not up to traveling this year,staying close to home for the holidays,my mom passed away this summer an my little brother has stage 4 colon cancer so this is probably his last holidays with us,,i pray not,so we are spending them with him an his family,,cramming as much as we can while we still have him here,pray for my family its been a very tough year

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