Redi-Edge Knife Sharpener Review & Giveway

First let me start by letting you know that I have used many knife sharpeners over the years. Big ones, small ones, electric ones…none come close to the Redi-Edge. It’s nice and compact fits easily anywhere in the kitchen and stores neatly in its own little belt sheath.  The blades on my knives have never been sharper, I actually am afraid to let Jessi use the knives once I have sharpened them because of how sharp they are I am sure she would cut a finger off or something.

Created with ease of use and safety in mind the knurled handle makes it ways to grip, even with wet hands.  With just a few passes through the revolutionary beveled edge sharpening blades, my knives are noticeably sharper and cut so much smoother.  Using it was very easy and nothing like the straight rod sharpeners I used to use in the kitchen.  The Redi-Edge is available in black, red, green, purple and orange so you’ll have no problem getting one that matches your kitchen or personality if you don’t intend on using it in the kitchen.

The sharpener is available in Left or Right handed models, which would be great to have one of each in my house, I’m left handed and Jessi is right handed so even though I really love the sharpener, I would find it much more comfortable to use if it were the left handed version. Priced at only $22.95 this sharpener is a fraction of the price compared to some others we have owned and i’m sure this will be the last one we purchase and will quickly become a staple in our kitchen.

The Redi-Edge is designed so that it will never rust which for me would be perfect for my fishing tackle box.  I already tried to take this one out of the house and put it in my tackle box but was busted in the process and made to return it to the kitchen drawer and told to get my own haha.  So now that is on my Christmas wish list, a left handed model for my fishing tackle box that I don’t have to share with Jessi who is anti-fish gutting and would never allow it into the house again if I tried to use the one sent to us for review.

Redi-Edge is going to give one of my lucky readers a knife sharpener of your own valued at $22.95.

Tell me how you currently sharpen your Knives.

Please make sure to leave separate entries for each thing, if it says you get 5 entries please leave 5 comments.

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Thank you to Redi-Edge for this awesome giveaway.

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  1. Josefine says:

    I currently don’t sharpen my knives…

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  9. kathy pease says:

    i dont sharpen my knives thats probably why they dont cut well

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  21. Jennifer says:

    I actually don’t sharpen my knives, so maybe that’s why I can’t even cut an onion very good!

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    Jennifer Smith Stewart

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  28. kathy pease says:
  29. Teressa McClurg says:

    I don’t sharpen them, I get new. 🙁

  30. Andrea says:

    I don’t currently sharpen my knives. I end up going and buying a new one when one gets too dull. It’s terrible. I really need to buy, or better yet win, a sharpener!

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  36. Kimbuckjr says:

    MANDATORY ENTRY: Oh goodness, we currently DON’T sharpen our knives. Honestly, we use our knives until they cannot be used anymore. Once they no longer cut butter, they become trash.

  37. Andrea says:
  38. I, sadly don’t sharpen my knives- but I do sharpen my scissors by cutting strips of tin foil!

  39. I follow w/gfc (talking momcents)

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  45. Elizabeth K says:

    We have a knife sharpner on our can opener.

  46. Andrea says:
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  49. Geri S says:

    I don’t sharpen my knives, I wait until my hubby does them. I really don’t know what he uses.