Relaxing with numbers like B1, N34….

I have a busy household so I rarely get time to just kick back and relax but when I do I certainly have no issue shushing people for fear that I would miss a number on my bingo game haha.  While I do not actually get out of the house to play Bingo as often as I would like I do not ever worry because I know that Bingo is just a click of my mouse away and while it is not in real life and I do not get to interact with people face to face I still get to interact, relax and even maybe win some money, best of all I can do all that in my pajamas or cleaning clothes and no one cares how I look!

There are many places online you can go to play Bingo, one of those places being ladbrokes which is based in the UK and allows you the chance to spend 10 pounds and get 50 pounds free to play on their website.  If you do not want to pay no worries you can also play for free online everyday of the week which is great because sometimes I don’t want to pay, don’t have time to play a full game, or am simply too mommied out (burned out) to pay attention long enough to successfully complete a game so this way I know that I am still able to play and have some fun but with no stakes it is more relaxing in those situations.

What do you do as a mom to relax when the kids have given you a few minutes of time to yourself?  Do you play a game, Bingo perhaps or take a hot bath.  If you have an iPad you could have the best of both worlds and play in the bath I know my iPad comes with me in there to game or read quite often.

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