Road Trip Ahead

Usually we take the kids on 1-2 road trips a year and this year is no different, I actually think we might do more then that depending on time, finances and vacation requests. Last year we took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge and then Maddisyn and I went to Chicago to meet up with friends. But on the trip with the boys we had a fun time driving down there. We had down this trip a few times before but never stopped and explored any of the great cherry or apple orchards on the way. So on our last trip I took the time to research them before we left and then I took the kids and stopped so that they could explore and find some stuff out.

The owners of the orchard were amazing and stopped their work to give us a tour through and let us explore and most importantly allow the kids to ask questions. They took us out to the fields and showed us the trees the produce was grown on, and then they showed us inside where they have specialized conveyor systems to move the cherries around inside to be cleaned, have the bad ones picked out and then readied to be taken away to be packaged for sale or made into delicious treats.

The kids really enjoyed the tour and Chase my ever studious and insightful one had some questions he wanted to ask.  He wanted to know where the cherries went once they were done, what kind of treats they were made into and what they used for their picking systems to make life easier.  I thought it was great that he had thought of these great questions and mostly on his own.  I am so happy that we actually took the time on the trip to allow the kids to explore.  I cannot wait for our next road trip and seriously hope that we can do something equally educational but totally fun again.  The kids are already asking when/where we are going to go next.


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