While most brides may have anxiety attacks, fluctuating weight gains and an overall psychotic break but can you image what it would be like to have a royal wedding the size and production of Kate and Prince William?  With a wedding that size, the possibilities of also having a royal disaster looms over their happiness.

For example, it was just 30 years ago when William’s Mum, at the time, Lady Diana Spencer married someone who was supposed to be her “prince” charming, Prince Charles of Wales.  With a mere guest list of 35,000 and people, 25 clerics–not to mention the Archbishop of Canterbury and a wedding dress designed with  six different fabrics: including 25 yards of silk taffeta, 100 yards of tulle crinoline amid a sea of pearls , 150 yards of netting for the veil and a 25 foot train, what could have possibly gone wrong?

For one, the secrecy of her fairy-tale wedding gown was a top priority.  The designer, Elizabeth and David Emanuel, although there was no instructions nor protocol from the palace and because there were hoards of photographers and paparazzo’s,  the designer’s team made sure that every night the gown was secured in a big metal safe.  The creators of the original gown even had a back-up dress, a plan B, just in case a photo or replica was released to the press prior to the wedding.  This is one good thing that a commoner does not have to worry about prior to her wedding.  You know your wedding gowns’ secret is safe!

However, another royal wedding dress disaster was adverted. Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York’s wedding to Prince Charles, younger brother, Prince Andrew, avoided a near tumble. Actually, it was literally the night before her wedding, when she noticed that weight of her train caused her to tilt to one side.  Therefore, an emergency call into the “royal” carpenters and presto they were up all night nailing down the carpet in Westminster Abbey so that it was upright and the train would hence carry her down the aisle and not digress one way or another.

Another problem, which fortunately, for the regular bride, she does not have to deal with is the problem of “To Tiara” or not.  For Princess Diana, she opted to wear the Spencer family heirloom tiara.  Unfortunately, according to her brother, the Earl Spencer, on her wedding day, the tiara produced a splitting headache for the Princess.  As far as the future Princess, Ms. Middleton, at 29 years old, the oldest spinster ever to marry a future king, since she does not have any peerage; the decision to don a tiara or not or just opt for flowers in her hair is still in question. Although wearing a tiara still may be tempting since she was offered the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara, originally made for Queen Mary in 1913,  which was passed down to Diana by the Queen and has been kept at Buckingham Palace since 1997.

Not the actual tiara worn by Princess Diana

A case of jittery nerves during the ceremony is not an isolated incident and can affect anyone.  For Lady Diana, during the ceremony she flustered and called the Prince ”Philip Charles Arthur George” instead of ”Charles Philip Arthur George” in plighting her troth; he, in turn, omitted the word ”worldly” in pledging to share all his worldly goods with her as he slipped the simple band of Welsh gold onto the third finger of her left hand. Hopefully, Kate, who after wedlock will be addressed as Catherine or Ma’am because ‘Kate’ isn’t going to cut it anymore by Royal standards. Her official title will be Her Royal Highness (HRH) the Princess of William of Wales.  And you thought you had it rough with adding a hyphen?

Another factor that most brides do worry about is the possibility of in climate weather on their big day. But how many brides worry about the astrological consequences?  For William and Kate, it seems for April 29th, 2011, that mercury is in retrograde which may cause a bit of a shadow.  Ironically the same set of conditions existed for President Obama’s Inauguration whereby he had to redo his Inauguration Oath the next day due to his flub.  However, on the flip side, since the couple’s moon is in Cancer, they may skirt by any true disasters on their wedding day.

Another wedding disaster may be conjured up by the bridal party i.e. the bridesmaids.  For instance, Princess Diana had five girls in her party. Yes, the younger the bridesmaid, the more chance of mishaps.  And for Diana, she had Clementine Hambro, the youngest of five years, the only great-granddaughter of Winston Churchill and she was Diana’s favorite kindergarten student.  Now, Hambro at 35 years old, reflected in a People’s Magazine article on the infamous moment when she tripped and began to cry. When asked how did Diana respond?   She reminisced that Diana, never lost her grace and poise, but bent down and gently asked if I had “bumped my bottom?”

Yes, every bride is entitled to have her “royal” wedding but do expect that there may be some royal disasters. No matter how well planned or prepared for regardless how large or small a wedding, things “happen.”  Hopefully, that will not be the case for William and Kate.  In fact, their wedding has been perfectly executed and choreographed even down to the timing of the royal wedding “kiss” — to be at precisely 1:25 pm London time, 8:25 EST or 5:25 PST.  This will be when they will make their first appearance as husband and wife at the precise time that the groom’s parents did on the balcony of Buckingham Palace over looking the Victoria Monument.  This dramatic sight will be accompanied by the Royal Air force flyover. With so much pageantry, hopefully, for them, this will come-off without a hitch.

For all my brides, I wish you a “royal” day.  However, if you do have a “royal” disaster on your wedding day, please let me know and Twitter me @ BeePoised, drop me an e-mail . For more information on Etiquette and Protocol, see


Suzanne Zazulak Pedro, CPC

About Suzanne Zazulak Pedro, CPC

Suzanne Zazulak Pedro, as co-author of “Executive Etiquette Power” has crafted her academic skills in psychology and her certifications in professional executive coaching and corporate etiquette into a cutting-edge approach –”ADVANT GARDE” Etiquette– powering psychological tenets with protocol. Suzanne blasts past the bare knuckles of etiquette and gives unique insight into human nature for business success and personal finesse.

Her talent in physiognomy, Mien Xiang (ancient art of face reading)and the ability to discern facial emotions in 1/25 of a second gives her clients the inside edge of human emotions in persuasion and influence.  She also incorporates image perception, paralanguage listening with etiquette as a cutting edge tool in the arsenal of empowerment for the mastery of soft life-skills that are necessary today for success in our economic climate.

In addition to Chief Officer of Protocol for her city, she has formed a non-profit organization, BeePoised and acts as counselor and advocate for women and children.

Suzanne’s professional memberships include The International Society of Protocol and Etiquette Professional, Cambridge’s Who’s Who Among Entrepreneurs’ and National Writers Union.  She is engaged in completing her Masters in Contemporary Diplomacy.



  1. Hi Jessi. Suzanne’s article was a fun read. I can’t imagine the pressure. I still remember watching Princess Di’s wedding. This couple seem so much more suited for each other. William’s so much more compassionate, fun and in touch than his father and Kate seems to hold her own well. They truly do look like best of friends.

    Happy Easter….Tracy 🙂

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