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Christmas is quickly approaching and I am nowhere near ready.  I need to finish all my shopping and then of course wrap all of the lovely gifts I have just bought.  I used to love this time of the year but this year I am simply unhappy with Christmas because I have no idea what to get the kids as gifts and no one can give me any concrete ideas of what they want.  Now with Santa’s Hideout I can go ahead and get the kids to create their lists that are easy to share with friends and family as well as to solve my what to buy issue. Mom’s secret weapon this holiday season.  It is free and easy, above you can see an example of the kids view of the lists.  They simply go on and search out the item they want and drag to add it to the list. You can view the lists from the parents end of the program as well as emailing the list to friends and family so those that are asking for gift ideas can have some straight from your kids.

To get start you create an account then you add your children by giving information like name, gender and birthdate.  On top of that you can set a limit to how many items they can add to their list and the price limit they can shop within.  I love this feature because the older boys price limit can be set a little higher then the little ones because as they get older it seems their toys and Christmas gifts get more expensive.  In our household we do one large gift and we were even able to set a group limit for then to choose the big family gift within a certain price point, wii, PS3 etc.

Once you have the list you can add in “Santa only” so that no one else sees these ideas then you send the list to your friends and family they can purchase directly from the site which is powered by the Amazon Marketplace or if they choose to buy elsewhere they can return to the list and mark the items bought so that people know not to purchase that item.  Another of my favorite features is that you can even send your kids messages as Santa with reminders that he is watching, to behave, do their chores etc.  I absolutely love this idea and cannot wait to get the kids started on it when they get home from school today.

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Check out this video that shows you just how cool Santa’s Hideout is.

Santa’s Hideout is a product of Conde Nast. I have been compensated for this article, but all opinions expressed within are my own. I am taking part in this promotion by Maggie’s Club.


  1. Rosey says:

    This is a good idea for the kids who really do want to make a list, but aren’t sure what to put on it, so they say, ” I dunnnnno ” when you ask them what they’d like. I think I’ll have the kids take a look just to see if there any surprises I come across after reviewing it.

    Good luck w/your shopping!

  2. courtney b says:

    i love it! great idea! very original.. and very nice review

  3. Vickie Couturier says:

    I really like this,,,my oldest grandaughter would have fun

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