Satellite or Cable

When we were buying our house we went through this great phase where we were unsure of which we would go with if any at all.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go with cable and use what I know or go with satellite and just branch out of my comfort zone. 

I spent a ton of time looking around for satellite or cable and browsing sites and looking at the packages they offered.  I was particulary intrigued by Direct TV.  In comparison of the packages with the cable company and the Direct TV Packages the price was better and we got more channels in the process.  I of course panicked because there was too many choices and went with nothing for the longest time haha.  I am like that if things start getting overwhelming I just step away, if I don’t I would sitting in a corner rocking back and forth sucking my thumb I am sure lol.  All in all though DirectTV Packages were the best deals and when we actually go to satellite I will be looking a little futher into them.


  1. Life Is A SandCastle says:

    We went the same direction and stayed their so far for 9 years:)

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