Sesame Street – Save the Earth and Being Green reviews

Maddisyn is a major Sesame Street fan, she loves Elmo the most which of course most kids nowadays do.  When I was given the opportunity to work with and review Sesame Street DVDs with Maddisyn of course I said yes, and to be quite honest Holden likes to watch some tv now and then and these really caught his eye.  Now the big thing with both these DVDs is the theme in them, Love the Earth and Being Green.  Both are things I try very hard to instill in my children daily.  We recycle, we watch how much water and electricity we use.  My kids love to camp and our big thing when we take them we remind them (although now they say it before we do) when in nature we “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing behind but footprints”.

Love the Earth is the perfect example of this.  In this movie Elmo, Zoe and Baby Bear are in a national park looking for a special bird, the Blue-Feathered Swallowing Swallow so that they can earn their bird watching badges (that reminded Maddisyn of Chase and Blake earning their scouting badges).  Hunting for the swallow also gives them the opportunity to see the beautiful things nature has to offer and they learn about how they can help keep nature so beautiful by putting trash where it belongs, recycling, reusing things and saving water.  This movie was 45 minutes long and Maddisyn sat and watched the entire thing through with no problems at all.  I wanted to watch it with her but of course I have four kids and was insane to think that would happen haha.  I would have to say though that if this movie held the attention of my soon to be 3 year old and my 14 month old then I have to give it two thumbs way up!!!

Being Green is another great movie with of course you guess it ELMO!!!  Alongside Elmo is another favorite in our household Abby and she gets to go along on this great adventure with Elmo.  While playing hide and seek Elmo and Abby find a telethon, The Earthathon!, being held right on Sesame Street by host Mr. Earth.  Telly, Rosita, and Cookie Monster answer phone calls from children calling in with pledges to reduce, reuse, recycle, not financial donations, but promises to make the world a better place.  Maddisyns favorite part int his one was when Elmo was accidentally turned green by Abby when she tries to use her magic.  Another 2 thumbs up.

Sometimes as a parent no matter how hard we try instilling that message into our young children is hard but with the help of these DVD’s I think that Maddisyn is finally understanding it a little better and she is all about helping me rinse out our used cans and taking the cardboard to the recycling bins.

For these and other great movies and Sesame Street I highly recommend you check out the Sesame Street Store.

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