Security with Adobe Acrobat Reader

I have written about Adobe in the past and am sure I will continue to write about them. I love how diverse they are and that they have many different softwares and security available to us to ensure that our business and daily lives go without many issues and run smoothly.  One thing I know I can always rely on is Adobe.

Recently I found out about their software for Enterprise and Government agencies that allows your IT department help to ensure that your organizations network and security are top notch.  By having a large variety of security capabilities which include stuff like encryption, digital signatures, rights management, content redaction paired with security techniques like sandboxing ( a security mechanism for separating running programs) Adobe helps to ensure your information is always safe and secure.

On top of all that then there is the security which we see in the protected mode of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Protected mode in reader allows you to limit the level of access to your system for all PDF files.  Then there is the protected view in Adobe Acrobat which allows you to open a PDF file in a read-only, sandboxed environment until you deem that file safe.  With Adobe Acrobat you can do stuff like get digital signatures and check for signature revocation, have consistent best practices with the action wizard in Acrobat X and manage sensitive information.

Again I encourage you if you are looking for software to help keep you safe and protected turn to Adobe they can help.  For more information check out the website or search for Adobe on here and see what else I have had to say.

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