Sexy Product Giveaway ~ Bath Set, Perfume & Hair Straightener ARV $265

Mothers Day is coming quickly do you know what your getting your mom? Check out these cool products below I am partial to the Perfume and would love to receive it, I love the vintage perfume bottle.

Check out the new, “Sex and the Kitty” gift set. I know she’s gonna love this one. “Calypso Kitty” tropical salt scrub, “Frisky kitty bath Fizzy” rose & lemongrass (forget boring old flowers. Toss one of these baby’s into the tub, and she will have her own, private, bath bouquet). “Rub My Tummy” milk & honey body cream, and “On The Prowl” peach brandy shower gel…mmm, smells sooo good! After receiving this gift set, she’ll be one purring kitty! Value $40.00

Honeycat products are created and developed by owner Theresa Spruill. A veritable feast for your skin that we know you’re gonna love! Honeycat makes grooming time an event. Our products promise pleasure for your entire body. They are sexy, sensual, safe and chock full of what’s-good-for-your-skin-stuff. Honeycat products are natural, and never tested on animals, especially sexy felines. Honeycat offers products ranging from emollient rich bath bombs, sassy lip balm, delicious edible body powder, body lotions, creams, bath salts, bubble bath, milk bath, (Whew! I’m out of breath!). These are just a few of the outrageous products that we offer. Your skin is safe in our, I mean hands. Preservatives in our food, dyes in our clothes, BHT, MSG, YUCK! You won’t find any junk in Honeycat products. We offer women of all ages, skin indulging treats.

Sexy, fun, clean and hip…that’s Honeycat!

Soulgasm 2.4oz Vintage Atomizer Price: $65.00

Feel funky and vintage glam at the same time. What could be better than a perfume that has a distinct scent, but also leads to seduction? Nothing. soulgasm, a new perfume by Sasha Varon, is deep, sheer, and definitely intense. The base of the perfume is clean musk, warm amber, and a sweet french vanilla. jasmine, lily, and woodberry comprise the heart of the perfume, with some black currant, freesia, peach, and pear notes in it, as well. The perfume smells very sweet, kind of like a candy store or a fresh bowl of fruit.

Simple, Sexy, Glam

A sexy & bold fragrace for those women who aren’t afraid to be the center of attention. Drawing on the glamorous  Hollywood days gone by with today’s woman, sexier, bolder and more daring, Soulgasm  is sure to please even the most glamorous girls who want to get noticed! Arrives in a Beautiful vintage atomizer in bad-kitty-black netting.


Soulgasm is true perfume not an EDP, Soulgasm contains 33% fragrance oils to diluent ration giving its wearer a Subtly Brash, playfully lusty statement that won’t change you, just everyone around you.


Top notes: succulent Peach, Anjou pear, fragrant South African Freesia and warm, exotic Black Currant are instantly intoxicating
Heart notes: Salacious notes of wild, night blooming Jasmine, delicate Eurasian Lily and multi-faceted Woodberry blossom forth
Base notes: Flushed, lusty notes of clean Musk, Amber, and sweet, warm Vanilla punctuate this sensually provocative, luxe parfum.


The concept behind a styling tool is to make hair look smooth and sleek. Most flat irons do exactly what the name says: They make your hair flat!  Just because women want to tame their frizzies or make curly hair straight does not mean they want hair that is limp and lacking fullness. What’s more, many who already have straight hair want the option of curls or soft waves. Traditional flat irons can’t do that. Some women find themselves going through a three step process of drying their hair with a traditional blower, using a flat iron to straighten and then a curling iron to achieve body. Who has that kind of time to spend on their hair? The inventors behind Ferrum understand these hair woes and provide a state-of-the art styling tool that delivers PHAT hair.

What Makes Ferrum Different? The answer lies in the technology of the VSS System which is a combination of a non-heated padded fabric element and a tourmaline coated ceramic plate. The real distinction of this tool is the fabric padded side. The fabric is a combination of lightweight, anti-static polymers that allows the hair to “breathe” while straightening. In combination with the pad, the styling result most closely resembles blow-drying; which tends to give hair exponentially more volume than flat-ironing. Since the fabric padded side is non-heated, the Ferrum styler doesn’t burn all the moisture out of the root of the hair giving it a much more vibrant, “bouncy” look. A flatiron will fry and dry out your hair between two solid hot plates. The Ferrum styler will allow your hair to rest on glide on a soft surface, allowing hair to breathe and retain more of its  natural moisture, shine and volume.Think of a flatiron as “frying” and drying out your hair between two solid hot plates. Allowing your hair to breathe and rest on a softer surface allows for a much healthier styling experience.

When flatirons were first created they were clearly an inferior alternative to going to a salon for a professional blow out. Women turned to flat irons to try to mimic the sleek look provided by a professional stylist. Most who have used them would say that their hair lacks the same “oomph” as a blow out. In the quest to simply get their hair straight,  the consumer has come to accept flat and damaged hair as an inevitable part of using a flatiron. With the Ferrum Professional Styler, women do not have to merely make the choice between frizzy and flat. Although Ferrum is not to be used to make wet hair dry, once hair is dry the tool can be used to achieve a pin straight look without losing volume. It can also curl the hair or give it gentle waves. For those who want or need to use a heated styling tool daily, the best news is that the Ferrum will not break the hair.

Each Ferrum is designed with:

Tourmaline coated ceramic plate
Heats up to 450 degrees
Swivel cord
Universal voltage

Retail Price: $160.00

To Maximize Ferrum’s results hair stylist and inventor Barbara Abbasi has some styling tips:

  • Make sure your hair is completely dry. Two things change the composition of hair- heat and moisture. If your hair is wet it will be much less manageable.
  • Always start straightening with the pad facing out (i.e. the pad should be “under” your hair)
  • Begin styling from the root. The benefit of our product is that you can get very close to the root without burning your scalp.
  • When styling use a slow and steady motion from root to tip
  • Volume can be controlled with the angle at which you style. For increased volume turn rotate your hand so your wrist is closer to your head.
  • If you want a sleeker, less voluminous look, finish by doing an extra stroke with the pad facing inwards.
  • The Ferrum styler is composed of unique materials. Allow ample time for the styler to heat up. The results will be worth it.

Protect Your Style

  • To keep your hair styled perfectly for the whole day or night, use a lightweight finishing spray to keep your hair in place.
  • Take good care of your flat iron! It’s a great piece of equipment and not exactly cheap to replace, so simply storing it in a heat proof pouch – or using one for safe travel – will help you protect your iron and keep using it for a long, long time. You can also set your iron down on this heat proof surface during styling to protect counters from possible heat damage.
  • Clean your flat iron from time to time – frequently if you use leave in conditioners or heat serums, every week or so if not. Build-up on the plates can cause your hair to snag and shorten the life of the plates themselves. Heat your iron and then wipe it down with a non-abrasive cloth – use a flat iron cleaner if you use leave-in treatments frequently, but avoid chemical solvents not meant for cleaning your iron.

ABOUT BARBARA ABBASI: Hairstylist and Ferrum Inventor

American Beauty Hair Salon owned and operated by expert colorist Barbara Abbasi, is celebrating 23 years in Santa Monica, California. Renowned for her exclusive techniques, Barbara has earned a loyal clientele who trust their hair to her time-tested artistry. Barbara learned the craft at a young age among renowned stylists in Paris. She has since expanded her technique by developing her own innovative system for coloring hair. Though her precise method is a closely guarded secret, Barbara’s meticulous attention to perfecting the base is what sets her apart from other stylists.

Remarkably, Barbara was a recent immigrant who spoke no English when she opened the salon more than two decades ago. It’s easy to see why customers flock to the salon: Barbara is a down-to-earth artisan who is genuinely devoted to her work. She has been working to develop the concept of the Ferrum flatiron for the past decade. The idea arose from her dissatisfaction with traditional flat irons which left hair damaged and flat. Her concept was to develop a product that was healthier for the hair and resulted in a look that more closely resembled a professional salon blow dry. Barbara went through several prototypes and sourced over 20 different fabrics until she found the perfect combination of technology that would produce salon perfect results. “Styling hair is an art, not just a job,” she says. “The truth is that I love what I do.”


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