Shopping Around for Dual-Sized Bunk Beds

Shopping around for bunk beds can be a nightmarish prospect, particularly considering that you’re looking for two distinctive pieces of furniture wrapped up into one unit.  Fortunately in the Internet age, driving from store to store hoping that something will catch your eye is no longer necessary to discover the right bunk bed set for your household.  The most styles and lowest prices on affordable twin over full bunk beds can be found online, as there are no floor plan limitations on the web as there are in showrooms at mattress stores.

On the web, you can compare prices directly between competitors, read personalized reviews on products that would not be available at a physical store location, and research manufacturer and other information relevant to selecting your final purchase.  Granted, the major downside to online bunk bed shopping is the lack of ability to try out the bed.  With twin over full sets in particular, there can be noticeable differences in furniture design that you may not notice through pictures alone.  Armed with better information from the web, however, you can still shop online and simply try out the pieces in store if you feel that ‘try out’ session is necessary for your peace of mind.

And don’t forget the best part about online orders:  delivery.  No one wants to lug bunk beds up the front staircase, so if you can get moving people to give you a hand, you’re going to save yourself lots of extra work, stress, and effort, and you’ll never have to tie that bunk set to the roof of your SUV.


  1. Janet W. says:

    I think the hardest thing is shopping for mattresses. In different stores you’ll have the same mattress, but they change the name and the style of fabric on top so that you can’t compare prices. So tricky!!

  2. courtney says:

    i’m going to need a bunk bed soon! thanks for the tip!


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