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As you all I know I recently went through the joyous pain of buying a new stroller.  Because I live in a relatively small city there is not much for choices locally for me just to go to the store and pick it out, which means I had to pick one out online and trust that when it arrived that I would love it.  I did a ton of research on tandem strollers to try to decide which style/brand I wanted.

Do you know just how many different styles of double strollers there are out there?  Yeah neither did I until I was trying to buy one lol.  Did I want one that was side by side, front to back, a single seat with a standing area on the back for the older child, a single stroller with an optional double kit on the back for another child the possibilities are endless.  It took me what felt like forever to weed through the possibilities to get down to three choices.  Then I had to narrow it down from there only one.  Did I want a jogging stroller or a lightweight stroller or did I just want to make them walk haha.

I did finally make my choice though and I went with Baby Jogger City Micro and I have been so happy with it, I do need to pickup a rain cover and perhaps the optional glider board once it is available but other then that we are really satisfied with our purchase.

ShopWiki is about more then just the strollers though I assure you.  ShopWiki is great for shopping because they seek out every store on the internet, think of it like Google crawling the internet to find every website.  ShopWiki does this and finds stores whether stores pay to be listed or not.  Traditional shopping sites only show you stores that have paid to be listed which we all know sometimes is simply not enough.

If you have not already check it out, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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