Similac SimplySmart Bottle

I want to preface this post by saying that Kinley is not here yet and so I have not actually fed a baby with the Similac SimplySmart bottle yet, I will update this post once she does come this weekend and I get a chance to use it.

When I was asked to do this review I was more then happy to do it, I love testing bottles and seeing what is what and knowing all of the new kinds so that I can give good advice to my friends, family and of course you my readers.  In the email sent to me about the Similac bottle I found out some really great facts.  If your going to trust a bottle from anywhere then why not Similac, afterall they have been an expert in feeding babies for 85 years.

In my review package I received the bottle and the one the go powder cap both of which are sold separately and available from Walmart, Target or Toys R Us as well as straight from Similac for $14.99 for 2 bottles or $28.99 for a starter set which includes 2- 4 oz bottles, 2- 8 oz bottles, the On-The-Go cap and step 1 nipples.

Here is some quick info about the bottles.

  • Nipple: The naturally shaped nipple is designed to be more like mom for feeding between breast and bottle.
  • Intellivent™: This exclusive venting system is designed to minimize baby’s air intake for less fussiness and gas.
  • SmartClose™: Found only in Similac SimplySmart, the SmartClose reveals a blue shield when the top is secured to prevent leaks and assure the bottle is closed.
  • EasyMix™: This innovative mixing device is only found in Similac SimplySmart and is designed to help reduce bubbles and clumps.
  • Similac On-the-Go™ Powder Cap: A unique cap keeps powder and bottle together and holds enough powder formula for up to one 8-ounce bottle to help busy moms on the go. Cap sold separately.

The EasyMix is super cool, it is easy to remove to clean and it is designed to get the clumps out of formula and make mixing it much easier.  The On-the-Go Powder Cap will make things easier, I usually carry a bottle of water ready for use and then carry the formula can so we can make bottles on the go as opposed to pre-making them and they are no good before they are needed.  This will solve that problem for me.


I am excited to actually try these bottles out and give you all an update once Kinley comes and is using a bottle so stay tuned for an update as Kinley will be here Sunday and so I will be able to test this shortly there after.

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  1. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I like the smart mix feature and the intellivent feature! This looks like a great bottle!

  2. Priscilla Benavides says:

    This is a must try bottle. I personally have always used Avent but this would be a bottle that I think I might give a try with baby #4 due on April 2013.

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  4. Errol Ecord says:

    Many thanks for the great blog you’ve created at Your enthusiastic take on the subject is absolutely inspiring. Thanks again!

  5. Tu Winscott says:

    I completely agree with your take on this topic and look forward to new posts and comments here at Thanks!

  6. Quite a good read. I just now sent this on 9/28/2016 to a fellow student who’s been doing some work of his own on this topic. To show her appreciation, they just bought me lunch! So, I should probably say: Thank you for the drink!

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