Sleep where are you?

Someone stole my sleep and I really need it returned for tonight.  So my kids are all weird and apparently have chosen to take turns keeping me up all night long.  My kids were all great babies, they slept through the night from the day they were born, I never had that new mom frazzled look after a night of being awake all night, I felt truly blessed. 
Then they got older haha.  We bought a house in May and since the move our daughter Maddisyn has been going to bed at 8 pm like a good little angel, but then she gets up at 12 or 1 and stays up all night long.  I got so desperate for sleep we gave her a tv and now she just lays in bed and watches cartoons and I can sleep, don’t worry she is safely tucked away in her crib and when I say sleep I mean close my eyes and barely feel rested in the AM.  Then she got a cold about a week ago and sweet bliss, she goes to bed around 9 or 10 pm, yes I know later but a willing trade off because she is now sleeping all night. 
So where is the problem you ask, well i am used to being half asleep so now I am not able to sleep soundly at night yet soon I hope.
Now onto Holden.  My sweet boy is also an all night sleeper except for last night.  He is in the end stages of a cold where when he coughs a lot he brings up mucous, only being a baby he throws it up or chokes on it.  So i got up and sat with him on my chest until 5 am when he seemed to have stopped coughing and settled into a good sound sleep, I then popped him into his crib and I managed to sleep for two hours until it was time to get the older two boys up and ready for school.
I NEED A NAP!!!!!!!!!!
Sleep will come though I am told, when they are teenagers you do get to sleep slightly more although I hear you are just up worrying at night about a whole new set of problems.
On top of all this complaining though I must say i love my monkeys er i mean kids, and would not trade a day with them for anything in the world.

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