Smarcks Smart Blocks Review & Giveaway

I love playing with building blocks with the babies. Their imaginations run wild and they build fun towers, forts and a large range of other things. Living through the eyes if my children is the best thing in the entire world.  Smarcks Smart Blocks are awesome because they are educational and fun but the kids can also use their imagination.

Smarcks children’s building blocks can be used for assembling endless creative structures and can be combined with other common children’s building blocks sets. They have been designed, however, to interact with talking Smarcks so while your child’s attention is captivated with creativity they can be learning at the same time. There are 19 different talking Smart Blocks and the first one is included with the starter set. The Blue Color Block teaches about the color blue and good manners with rhymes and sound effects – just build, listen, and learn.

Smarcks Smart Blocks are available in a large range of educational blocks from music, to colors, songs, ABC’s etc.  I credit our playtime with Smarcks to Holden singing Old MacDonald had a farm to me and he sure does love to sing it.  We received the Learning Specials set which contains 70 non talking blocks and 12 talking blocks and is valued at 76.95.

I have to admit at first the blocks did drive me a little crazy if they all started talking at the same time but seeing the results I am getting out of my children learning their colors and songs I am OK with the noise and will deal with it just to help them learn more.

The inventor and CEO of Smart Blocks Inc. is a mechanical engineer that comes from a family of educators with three masters degrees and a phd in education and 50 years of experience in the field of education and child development. An engineer, a school district superintendent, a teacher, and a school counselor were the core design and development team members for the Smarcks.

The concept of talking building blocks toys originated a few years ago when the inventor was sitting in his family room watching his children play (1, 2, and 5 years old at the time). Like most homes the family room was surrounded by talking educational toys; however, his children typically chose instead to play with their building blocks. All this money on electronic toys and they end up playing with blocks – that is when it all began …

As stated we received the Learning Set of the blocks but there is other combination’s available including just buying the 70 piece learning set for $29.95 which does come with one talking block.  You can then buy other talking blocks for $19.95 per pack of three.  Smarcks is a well invested product that I think my kids will use for years to come and will help assist my children in the learning process.

Smarcks is going to give one of my readers the Learning Special set which includes the 70 piece base set as well as Math, Counting, Spelling, Shapes, Colors, & Good Manners talking blocks ARV $76.95

This giveaway is open US Only.
Ends April 18, 2011 @ 11:59 PM EST
(Winners will have 24 hours to respond to my email before I choose a new winner)

Thank you to Smarcks for this awesome giveaway.

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