Smart Candle – Reduce the risk of fire

One of my biggest fears is having a fire in my house.  I don’t care about all the material things I do however care about all the sentimental things my home holds, all the pictures of my children, their artwork, their special clothes that make memories and so much more.  With having 5 children I make sure I take every precaution to ensure that I do not have to worry about such incidents.  One big thing is that I have lots of candles around my house but I never light them because I am afraid someone will knock them over and that’s how a fire would start.  Then I discovered flameless candles and realized I can have the best of both worlds, the beauty of a candle decorating my house with a soft flame to add ambiance to some situations without the worry of a fire starting.

I took some time to browse around at the many different options and I have to say that I really love these Energizer Glas Flameless Candle Holder and plan on ordering a few to decorate my home as well as to store away in the case of an emergency so if we lose power I don’t need to be concerned about having candles to light up the house.

Are you prepared in case of emergency?  Do you have flashlights, flameless candles or real candles to light your house up just in case?  How about for decorations do you light a candle or are you like me and fear a fire too much to have a candle burning in your home?


  1. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I am also afraid of having a fire, but love candles! I need to get a few of these 🙂

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