Snazzy Baby Mom’s Deluxe 3 in 1 Plus Combo Carrier

This is the third installment of my wonderful Snazzy Baby Reviews.  I have already shared with you the Knee Pads and the Deluxe Travel Chair.  This was to be one post but because it got pretty crazy I have broken it down into three.

I have always worn the kids, I am a stroller user don’t get my wrong but sometimes when we are going to be in crowds it is just easier to wear them and know that they are close to me and being kept safe from bumps and such and of course from trying to fight a stroller through a packed area of people.  I have some carriers I love and some that I am not a huge fan of for various reasons.  When asked to try out the Snazzy Baby Deluxe 3 in 1 carrier I went into it like I would with any other carrier I have worn, very picky about what I wanted in a carrier and what I expected.

First off once I received the carrier and checked out the box I found out that the 3 in 1 carrier can be used as a shopping cart restraint as well as for feeding on the go.  So multi-use got a big check for me because I am always looking for convenience.  But then I did just review the Deluxe Travel Chair which does turn into a shopping cart insert with shoulder straps as well as it is the feeding chair so already this had to stand up to that and make me want to use it more then throwing the small travel chair into the diaper bag and using one of the carriers I already loved.

I took the carrier out of the box and tried it first with Maddisyn since Holden was napping.  Maddisyn kept saying she was flying which was hilarious but then she informed me it was hurting her so I took her out.

The waist strap barely fit around me since I am a plus size mommy so that was not overly comfortable for me to wear and I would not recommend it if you are still carrying a large baby belly because you may end up frustrated by the lack of fit.  I am working on losing weight so I think that once I lose a few pounds in the waist then we will be good to go and I do plan on still using the carrier now, just for not as long of periods as I normally might have.

At first when I picked the carrier out of the box I was slightly confused by all the buckles, I am a mama who normally ties my carriers and has no buckles so it was weird for me but no worries I got it figured out quickly by the help of the booklet and the included instructional DVD.  Once I actually opened my eyes I seen that the buckles were all color coded which made it very easy to buckle this up once I had it all unbuckled to lay it flat.  That is an amazing idea and something more companies should consider if they want buckles and honestly even some tie carriers should consider it because i have tied myself in a knot before but that is a while other post haha.

Snazzy Carrier laid out flat

Color Coded Buckle

So like I said at first I was confused by all the buckles but quickly figured everything out, I love that it comes with a paper copy of the directions, a DVD of the directions and if you are married to anyone like my husband and forget everything it also comes with a sewn in copy of the directions so you can use it on the fly, or lend it to a friend to use on the fly but most importantly you will always have them even if you cannot find your other copies.

Snazzy carrier closed

I love that with the Mom’s Deluxe 3 in 1 Carrier I can carry Holden facing in towards me, facing out away from me, on either hip depending on how I am feeling that day and of course it is a portable high chair so I can use it on the fly too.  I liked the carrier with Holden and will keep it in my car for use when I can’t use a stroller until he outweighs it.  One big problem though I had with this carrier is that it kept slipping up off my shoulder and kind of dug into my neck but I do know that as with any other carrier it is a matter of getting used to and finding my groove with the carrier.  Although I am no longer breastfeeding the booklet even shows how easy this carrier would be to breastfeed in which is for sure another plus in my book, any carrier that allows me to feed my child without taking them out was the biggest thing in our books back when I did breastfeed.

Another thing I forgot to mention earlier but wanted you to know is the wonderful spot that is built into the carrier to carry your credit cards/id etc so you don’t even need to carry your wallet if your out walking to the store or something it helps even more keep your hands free.

This carrier is good up to 37lbs, from 10-37lbs or 5 months to 2+ years.  Unfortunately for us it means we will retire it soon because Holden already weighs 30 lbs, but that does not mean it is going into a closet to collect dust, I love it enough I will pass it on to another one of my baby wearing friends to use for their little ones.

You’ll find the Combo so easy to use as it is a simple 3 step process:

  1. Place your baby in the Combo.
  2. Fasten leg straps and external strap by inserting them into their matching color coded clips.
  3. Bring your arm through the shoulder strap while moving the Combo to the hip and off you go.

It is that easy!

I know I said I was going to share three products with you but true to my name I jabbered along and this post turned out quite long so I will break these down into separate posts and host the giveaway on it’s own post once all three posts are live by this evening.  Comments are going to be closed on all posts except the giveaway one so no confusion will be had and everyone will enter in the same spot.  So to check out my other two installments of the Snazzy Baby saga on Jabbering Jessi as well as enter into the giveaway click the links below.

Thank you to Snazzy Baby for providing me with a sample for this review.  All opinions are 100% mine and no monetary compensation was received in exchange for this review.