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Keeping a house clean and organized is never as easy as it sounds or looks; the larger your house, the more time you will have to spend keeping it clean. Some neat freaks don’t really have a problem with this but people who find cleaning out of their league can face huge home cleaning problems. A messy or unclean house is never an attraction for the people who live in it, let alone the guests. So don’t make kids your excuse or your work your excuse; get over your cleaning fear and learn some tips to make yourself more organized in the most easiest way.

1. The easiest and perhaps most upfront aspect about cleaning a house is to know that everything has a place and it should be there when not in use! Although, this principle is very simple but is not very simple to follow especially when other people in your house don’t follow it. So set some guidelines and make sure everybody knows where the phone is supposed to be and where other tools, gadgets and things are meant to be.

2. The most common way of losing things is when you place them some place when you come home and forget where that was the next time you need it. This is often the problem with car keys, receipts, wallets, sunglasses, bags, jackets etc. The best way to deal with this is to make a room or a place right when you enter your house where you can store these small things; it could be a small closet, a small room and even a small table. Empty your pockets here; leave your bag, scarves, change, receipt, car keys and everything else in the category here so you don’t have to fish for them the next morning.

3. Another wonderful thing you can do to keep your home organized is to assign a place, a basket or a drawer for all the mobile phone chargers, camera chords, extra cables and other electronic gadgets that are used frequently or infrequently around the house. This way, when anybody needs a chord or charger, they’ll know where to look but for this to work, each person much place that chord or charger back at the designated place.

4. Although most homes probably have a couple of places to keep medicines and such stuff but having one place, either a drawer or a cabinet dedicated solely to the purpose of storing medicines and other related items can make your life much easier when looking for something specific. In fact, to be even more organized, categorize all the medicines into small baskets so that your medicine cabinet does not get messy very soon.

5. Another issue in most homes is that of laundry and not just laundry, but of haphazard laundry with clothes disappearing each week. Well, once again you can solve this problem by having a small space all for laundry items to be organized and folded without fear of losing. Each household member should also have their own laundry baskets to keep items organized and secure and most importantly, to keep the task simpler for yourself.

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  1. Becca says:

    I would like to add that spending a few minutes a day cleaning is way easier than doing it for longer periods of time less frequently!

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