Sorry for not posting

This is just a quick post before i head back to bed but i just wanted to say i am sorry I had planned on posting another giveaway today but i was not feeling well all day i was achy and shaky and just feeling blah, seems this week was crazy busy and when i was finally able to slow down and post i went and got sick. So tomorrow I will be posting a giveaway and a review for you all to try to make up for my missing post. I thank each of you that keep coming back to visit me and read my posts and of course support my giveaways as you see the more comments you read the more great giveaways i can have. I have some amazing ones coming up including

Slings N Things
Kolcraft ( i am giving away a single stroller)
No throw (amazing plus size tops)
Mooshu Trainers
Fancy Fortune Cookies

There are many more but i don’t want to share them all at once so that is just a quick teaser.


  1. Winter Witch says:

    I'm sorry Jessi. Big hugs and hope you feel better soon.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

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