I love baby clothes, how tiny they are how very cute they are and especially how adorable they look on the baby.  But I am not a mom who is all bows and ribbons and normal cuteness I am more of a fun and funky type of mommy.  Spencers recognizes moms like me with their beyond adorable and super pretty gift ideas for infants.  I was browsing and I found infant clogs in both pink and black, each pair has a white skull and crossbones on it totally my style and I would buy pairs for my babies until they didn’t fit anymore.

They also have skull and cross bones rompers, some super cute bibs and soothers, hi top shoes for baby girl in black with white polka dots and some pink accents.  If we ever have a baby jabberer I will be shopping from Spencers for some of our accessories.  Spencers has a must have for me if we have a baby girl though, they have the most adorable Cupcake Infant Cap that I would totally use as part of her going home outfit and priced at only 12.99 for a 3 pack of hats that I would use over and over it would be money well spent.

Check out Spencers for all your baby gift, and even big people gift needs they do after all have more then just baby stuff.

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