SpongeBob Lego Bikini Bottom Under Sea Party #Giveaway Canada Only

SpongeBob is throwing a huge party and everyone is invited! While Patrick is at the turntable spinning his favorite tunes and Squidward mans the juice bar, SpongeBob is getting silly by catapulting the party cake at Mrs. Puff!

It is so hot outside lately the kids have been chilling inside with the air conditioning to stay comfortable and cool.  Unfortunately it often leads to a chorus of I’m Bored!! There’s Nothing To Do!!!  Which leads to me wanting to rip my hair out haha.  Now with the Spongebob Lego Bikini Bottom Under Sea Party Lego set the kids have something to do that keeps them amused for hours with very little fighting.  They really enjoy putting it together and then acting out their favorite scenes.  Then once they are all done they take it apart so that they can put it back together again.

The SpongeBob Lego Bikini Bottom Under Sea Party set contains 471 pieces and is recommended for children between the ages of 6 and 11.  Now that the kids are out of school for the summer, sets like this one can be great for encouraging imaginative play, and as with other Lego products, motor skills development in younger children as well.  This provides my kids with endless hours of fun so thank you Nick for making such an awesome Lego set.

The LEGO SpongeBob Bikini Bottom Undersea Party building playset features:

  • 4 MiniFigures: SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Mrs. Puff
  • Gary also included
  • DJ table and speakers, merry-go-round, seesaw, and juice bar with ice cabinet
  • SpongeBob’s house with ejecting bed function and Gary’s bowl
  • Squidward’s house with music stand and art studio

One of my lucky readers is going to get the chance to win the SpongeBob Lego Bikini Bottom Under Sea Party Lego set.  But if you don’t win don’t worry you can buy it at Toys R Us for $64.99.

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  1. McKim says:

    My grandson likes SpongeBob.

  2. Valerie Theberge says:

    My little boy love Patrick.

  3. Scott Martin says:

    He loves Patrick.

  4. Leanne M says:

    my kids love patrick

  5. Katherine- says:

    It is spongebob

  6. Jamie Brigham says:

    My son loves Spongebob and I of course love Sandy, she makes me laugh. My favorite episode was when she went into hibernation and Spongebob didn’t know what that meant.

  7. A.Smith says:

    We like Spongebob the best

  8. Jennifer L. says:

    My son likes Spongebob best.

  9. Cheryl (@loucheryl) says:

    My son likes Spongebob because he is funny and “yellow”.

  10. loriag says:

    Favourite character would be Spongebob himself!

  11. SweetPanda says:

    Their favourite is Spongebob

  12. Susan says:

    Definitely Spongebob himself!

  13. gibberish (Julie G.) says:

    My grandson likes Patrick the best.

  14. Andrea B. says:

    My kids love Patrick.

  15. Londia says:

    My son likes SpongeBob.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  16. My 2 boys love lego

  17. Jennifer Barata Allen says:


  18. maria says:

    My nephew loves SpongeBob!

  19. wendy hutton says:

    grandkids would love this

  20. Anne Taylor says:

    We all adore Patrick!


  21. Doris C says:

    They like SpongeBob

  22. Julia says:

    Sponge bob of course

  23. Bree says:

    My boys love Spongebob

  24. Amy C says:

    SpongeBob is my kids favourite character.

  25. lori b says:

    I love spongebob 🙂

  26. Jennifer says:


  27. Eva U says:


  28. Karla Sceviour says:

    Spongebob,of course! 🙂
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  29. Erika says:

    Spongebob is my son’s favorite.

  30. Tammy says:

    My boys love patrick!
    dalleykt at live dot ca

  31. Cassie Charman says:

    gary is the best

  32. michelle says:

    my son loves Gary

  33. Gianna says:


  34. Tracy says:

    My boys would love this! Big Spongebob fans!

  35. Shirley says:


  36. Mag says:


  37. Angela M says:

    My daughter looooves Spongebob.

  38. Sandy VanHoey says:

    My grandson loves spongebob…he really likes all the characters

  39. kim says:

    My nehpews love spongebob and legos, perfect combo

  40. Fan R. says:



  41. My granddaughter likes Patick

  42. tina manuel says:

    In my home spongebob is by far the best!!

  43. Rochel S says:

    My son likes Spongebob!

  44. JLin says:


  45. Spongebob 😀

  46. Kelly says:


  47. Jackie says:

    Sponge Bob!

  48. Dreena says:

    It has to be SpongeBob SquarePants for my boy!

  49. Jaimee Mcallister says:

    He really likes Spongebob

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