Step 2 Play and Shade Pool Review

We love to play outside and we have a huge pool for when the weather is warm enough to set it up, the problem is that our pool is extremely deep which leaves the two babies having to either be held or be in floaters but never able to actually play in the water fully due to the depth.  When I was given the opportunity to work with Step 2 our choice was simple, we wanted to do a pool that the little ones could play in without needing an adult to be sitting in there with them.  The Play and Shade Pool is perfect for this.

It has two little seats for the kids to sit on, it is not deep at all so even if they sit in the bottom of the pool it might be up to their chest if that high so it is perfect for them to splash and play around in.  Better yet though is the awesome umbrella it has on it that provides shade and fun.  There are toys that slide on the shaft of the umbrella that are funnel cups with different holes in each one, as your child pours water in the top they go through a single hole then into a whole bunch of little holes then onto a spinner that is attached at the very bottom.  When the water hits the spinner it starts spinning and the water goes right back into the pool.  Maddisyn and Holden love this and have spent hours and hours of playing in the pool already so it was well worth the dying grass because we didn’t move the pool enough.

The Play and Shade pool holds 12 gallons of water and requires very minimal adult assembly.

If you wanted to use it as a sandbox instead I am sure that the toys would allow the sand to run through the play cups as the water does.  For sand it would hold 165 lbs of sand.

The Step 2 Play & Shade pool retails for $59.99 from Step

Thank you to Step 2 for this great product to review.

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