Summer Fun

We have been so crazy busy lately sometimes I forget to stop and breath.  The summer has us outdoors quite a bit camping, playing, swimming and just being together.  On top of that when not playing with the kids I am making over a room in my house to finally get an office I am so excited.  My postings have been sporatic and I don’t expect that to be able to change until next week because I am trying to get my house reorganized.  I cannot wait to have a quiet place to go away from the kids and get my work done.


  1. eva says:

    Hang in there! :]

  2. won says:

    I know I might get booed….but I’m ready for summer to be done. It’s too darn hot! I am looking forward to fall.

    I hope your reorganizing goes well!

  3. Leah Walker says:

    You won’t get booed by me. Lol. I live in the south where the heat is only made worse by the crazy high humidity. We need a break. We have had almost no rain all summer. Everything is dead, people are miserable, and our air conditioner is on it’s last leg from working so hard. It’s awful.
    I think everyone has had a crazy summer. It sure seems that way. Congrats on the office. We are renting a small house so my daughter can finish her last two years of school in this school district. I am so ready to have my own house again.

  4. Andrea S says:

    It has definitely been too hot this summer! I live in Kansas, and we have had way too many days in a row over 100 degrees, which is not normal for us. It’s so hot, you can’t go outside and do anything! It will be nice to have your own space! That is definitely important…

  5. courtney says:

    i hate summer! here in az its over 110! and i’m pregnant! agggh!

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