Summer Infant Best View Video Monitor Review

A couple of months ago we made some room changes, if you have been reading me for a while then you would have gotten the opportunity to read those posts.  During all the moving I knew I was moving further away from my kids and that caused me a little bit of panic, OK a lot of panic.  How was I going to sleep on a totally different floor from my kids and not be able to check on them any time I wanted/needed to without getting up and running down a flight of stairs every 20 minutes.  Well thanks to Summer Infant and the Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor this is not longer a concern for me.

They sent me the system and a second camera so I could install one into Holdens room and one in Maddisyns room.  At first I was concerned about how I was going to see/hear both of them at the same time but luckily this video monitor system does room scans where it automatically switches back and forth between the two rooms every few seconds so that I can see/hear in both rooms and if one of the kids wakes up I can hear the kids and check on them.

I have gotten a bit ahead of myself first thing is first, I installed these cameras into the kids rooms myself.  It was as simple as putting a screw into the wall and hanging the camera on it.  Then I ran the cord down the corner of the room and used the included self adhesive clips to hold it in place so the kids could not get a hold of it and tug on it etc.  Then I did it in the other room.  Now when I got this it was already synched with one camera, the one in Holdens room but the one I put in Maddisyns room I needed to synch it.  To do that I took the monitor into Maddisyns room turned it on and then choose to add a camera.  Then I pressed the “CODE” button and voila like that I could see both cameras.

Adhesive Clip

Shown here with the menu up to switch between cameras or scan between the two!

Switching back and forth between the two rooms is so easy, I simply press a button on the side of the monitor and then I can choose to switch cameras and can view one or the other or I can choose scan which as I already explained will go back and forth between the two cameras automatically.

What I really love about this too is that the monitor is portable so I can leave it plugged in (in my bedroom is where the plug stays) or I can take it with me because it has a rechargeable battery in it.  So if I want to be outside I can take the monitor with me and see what is up with the kids.  The other thing I really like is that I can opt to have the sound turned up so that I can hear them at night or I can turn the sound down and have the lights indicate to me when/if the kids are making noises so I know when to check just by visually looking at it.

Now the really cool part about the cameras that I have not told you yet…THEY HAVE NIGHT VISION.  So I can see the kids even with their bedroom lights out and while they are asleep.  I also really like that by using the buttons on the monitor I can zoom, and move the cameras around in their rooms so if they are in there playing I can move the camera around and monitor their activities the best of both worlds!!!

The Summer Infant Best-View Video Monitor can be purchase on Amazon for $162.67.

Thank you to Summer Infant for this amazing video monitor to review.

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  1. I’m in the market for a new baby monitor, so this was helpful, thanks!

  2. Rebby says:

    Thats a great gadget! Very useful! Thanks for the review!

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