Swami Baby Review

Swami Baby is a great little boutique that sells yoga clothes for both mom and baby.  I could sit and try to explain it further but I actually think it is best if it comes from the mouth of the owner what they are all about.

Swami Baby is a clothing line for infants and toddlers designed to give voice to our wise little ones.

As a yoga teacher and mother of three, I began to see that kids already possess much of what we as adults are striving to achieve; they have the innate ability to live in the present, to take time to enjoy life, to be aware of their surroundings, and to be direct.

I wanted to create a line of babywear and gifts that reflects the natural teacher, or swami, that children can be if we just listen. Swami Baby not only strives to give this wisdom a voice, but also acts as a calming reminder for adults to relax, enjoy themselves and take life one baby step at a time.

I have created items for men and women as well, to help bring out our own inner swami! We are proud to carry an organic cotton option for our infant elements t-shirts.

— Katie Holley | Owner

We received the child yoga pants valued at $16 from Swami Baby.  When I got them the first thing Lee and I both said was wow these are soft, then we gave them to Maddisyn to hold and she started rubbing them on her face and hugging them saying soft she was wayyy too cute.  We put them on her and she looked too darn cute in them.  I love that they have good stretch to them as well because this way i can layer her on Halloween night and she can wear them with her costume as well as being able to be a rolling, jumping, running toddler comfortably in them.  I am actually slightly jealous and wish i had gotten a pair for myself too.

Swami Baby also sells yoga clothes for women. 

They sell womens yoga pants in black. ($30)
They have t-shirts with different elements on them ($18)
As well as t-shirts with cute recycling sayings on them ($18)
Long sleeve hoodies in black and white ($28)
Swami Baby has a ton of cute clothes for both mom and baby, I would love to start doing some mommy and child yoga with Maddisyn and Holden and I know where i am going to go to get the comfy pants for them, yay more for the christmas idea list.
Head over to Swami Baby and get all your yoga aparel needs for you and your little ones.
Thank you to Swami Baby for this awesome review.
This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. Products in this review were given to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for review only. Opinions in this review are mine and are in NO way influenced by monetary compensation.


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