Back 2 Blogging #49 – Soda Stream Review/Giveaway ENDED

Tonight we are going to do a partial written and partial video review.  The Soda Stream system comes in four different models but we are going to spotlight the Fountain Jet because that is the one we got..  It came with the fountain jet soda maker, 110-litre carbonator & two carbonating bottles.  We also got […]

Back 2 Blogging #46 – Sticky Words Review/Giveaway ENDED

So to be totally honest I never really saw myself as a wallart vinyl lettering kinda girl.  But I was given the chance to review a product from Sticky Words so I thought why not lets give it a go.  Little did I know deciding to do it was the easiest part, the hardest was […]

Back 2 Blogging # 31 – Simply FaBOWlous Review/Giveaway ENDED

Could she be any cuter?  That is what my mom asked when she saw Maddisyn in her new tutu for the first time, i have to admit I asked myself the same thing.  I know tutus are the latest and greatest but I myself never really saw the point in them, I guess I just […]

Back 2 Blogging # 27 – Feeder Frock Review & Giveaway ENDED

I breast feed Holden, problem is 3/4 of the time I don’t when we are out in public.  I am not one of those moms who is comfortable just pulling out boob and feeding, I know it is natural it just doesn’t feel ok with me and that is fine, I don’t judge.  Now i […]